Redmi Note 7 Pro VS Vivo Z5x Comparison Review: Which one is Faster?


Vivo Z5x and Redmi Note 7 Pro are two popular mid-range models that are mainly promoted by mid-market manufacturers. What is the result of performance comparison? After I started the two mobile phones, I will find the answer for you.

Through the front contrast, you can see that the redmi Note7 Pro border is slightly wider. In terms of configuration, the vivo Z5x uses the 10-nanometer process technology of the Snapdragon 710 processor, which is more advanced than the 11-nanometer process Snapdragon 675 processor used by the Redmi Note7 Pro to better balance high performance and low power consumption. Balance. At the same time, on the big nuclear clock frequency and GPU model, the Snapdragon 710 has to go further. Of course, the Snapdragon 675 focuses on CPU performance, and the architecture and large-core version will be more prominent.

For such a difficult conclusion, let the two mobile phones prove themselves by running points. In the master Lu run, the vivo Z5x runs into 212375, while the Redmi Note 7 Pro runs into 216322. According to the given single-running score display, the redmi Note7 Pro CPU single-running score is slightly better than the vivo Z5x, but the vivo Z5x is superior to the redmi Note7 Pro in GPU graphics card and storage performance. It is really rare for the two mobile phones to be played on the running points.

As for the “Thunder Rabbit” aspect, the score of the Redmi Note7 Pro 174442 is 172,476 points compared to the vivo Z5x. The running scores of the two are relatively close, and the vivo Z5x completely surpasses the Red Meter Note 7 Pro on the GPU.

(Left: vivo Z5x Right: Redmi Note7 Pro)

In addition to the regular “running software”, the author also offered the “GPU” killer 3DMark. 3DMark’s running index can intuitively restore the ability of a device to render the game under comprehensive performance. The test standard is closer to the performance of the mobile phone when it is close to the peak when running a large game.

(Left: vivo Z5x Right: Redmi Note7 Pro)

From the data point of view, vivo Z5x in the two sets of rendering Open GL rendering 1824 points and Vulkan rendering 1749 points significantly more than Redmi Note7 Pro, visible in the actual rendering performance scheduling, vivo Z5x performance is even better, can achieve faster real-time rendering for a smooth game experience. However, only from the data to draw conclusions, inevitably lack of rigor, the author will continue to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the two machines from the perspective of the actual game.

Game experience

First of all, the author selected the current popular MOBA game – “Glory of the King” to see how the two machines differ in actual performance. And with the fast test software, the truth of the facts is approached from the actual experience and the quantitative aspects of the data.

(vivo Z5x)Vivo Z5x contrast red rice Note7 Pro: performance running points are very metaphysical, the details experience see high

During the game, the vivo Z5x and Redmi Note7 Pro performed smoothly in the same high image quality and high frame rate, and the overall operation was very smooth. The fine operation of hiding skills and arrogance is not a problem at all. Even if it is a melee, the two mobile phones have no obvious dropped frames.

(Redmi Note7 Pro)Vivo Z5x contrast red rice Note7 Pro: performance running points are very metaphysical, the details experience see high

In one game, from the data point of view, the performance of the two models in the frame rate is relatively stable, the fluctuations remain within 1 frame, it can be said that it is very stable. However, in the control of the body temperature, the body temperature of the two redmi Note7 Pro is high, which is obviously felt by the author in the actual experience. It can also be seen from the CPU state diagram that the redmi Note7 Pro is basically at a high frequency for the movement of the large core, and the vivo Z5x is more comfortable in the use of the size core, which leads to the difference in the heat between the two.

(Left: vivo Z5x Right: Redmi Note7 Pro)

What about the experience of the two mobile phones of the real-time rendering FPS game “Peace Elite”? Before the start, both phones were opened to the highest quality and anti-aliasing. Actually, the two games have achieved a good level of real-time rendering of houses and grasses for complex scenes. Whether it is collecting materials or converting various scenes, the overall picture is smooth and smooth, especially in the gun section, the picture and frame rate are very stable.

(vivo Z5x)Vivo Z5x contrast red rice Note7 Pro: performance running points are very metaphysical, the details experience see high

However, in the game’s immersive experience, the vivo Z5x 4D game shock and 3D surround sound, is the Redmi Note7 Pro cannot reach, because the Redmi Note7 Pro does not have this feature. In the game, the built-in vibration motor of the vivo Z5x can give gamers similar vibration feedback on the gamepad, plus 3D surround sound for immersive listening. In this aspect of the game experience, the vivo Z5x is undoubtedly better.

(Redmi Note7 Pro)Vivo Z5x contrast red rice Note7 Pro: performance running points are very metaphysical, the details experience see high


After several rounds of testing experience, it is always better to have small redmi in the processor running, and the Vivo Z5x is better in terms of GPU and storage running points and has advantages in running points. In the actual experience, whether it is a fixed scene MOBA game or a complex FPS game, the performance of both is more prominent. From the details of the user experience such as vibration feedback, the vivo Z5x has an advantage. At this point, Redmi Note 7 Pro can’t refute. In addition, the vivo Z5x is equipped with 5000 mAh more prominent than the 4000 mAh of the Redmi Note7 Pro. I believe that everyone here has an understanding of the situation of the two phones, the difference between the performance and experience of the two machines is very small, you can choose as needed.

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