Redmi TV Appearance First Exposure: Ultra Narrow Border, Super High Screen Ratio


Redmi TV‘s official micro-blog announced the Redmi smart screen front, ultra-narrow bezel, and ultra-high screen ratio is a very visual impact, Redmi’s logo can be seen in the center of the lower border. The TV stand is consistent with the Xiaomi TV.

Redmi red rice TV microblogging said: “Today, secretly release a beautiful photo, there are more strength and beauty! Young people must have colorful, bling-bling son, do you like it?”

In general, Redmi’s smart screen design is relatively simple. As a smart product, the camera is indispensable, guessing that Redmi uses a downward-popping camera design and placed it in the area below the Redmi Logo.

Yesterday, Lu Weibing said: “TV, not only to be smart but also to be bigger, the bigger the more shocking! Big screen and great wisdom!”

Not long ago, Li Xiaoshuang, the head of Xiaomi TV, also posted a microblogging suggestion that Redmi TV is coming. Xiaomi Group Vice President, Supply Chain Leader, Zi Mi CEO Zhang Feng forwarded the two people’s Weibo: “Millet TV has a strong team, and has outstanding performance in terms of picture quality, sound effects, and systems.

At present, according to the National Quality Certification Center website product certification certificate, the red rice redmi TV is issued on July 19th, the product model is L70M5, produced by TPV Technology (Xiamen) Co., Ltd., is expected to be the fastest this year. Listed for sale in September.

According to breaking news, Redmi TV debut is 70 inches, 4K resolution, OEM by TPV, the price will not be very cheap.

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The original intention of the Redmi brand was to create the ultimate price/performance ratio. In addition to the price/performance ratio, Redmi TV will bring surprises to the experience. We will wait and see. (Proofreading / Musk).

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