Redmi Wifi 6 AX5 Router Will Be Released Tomorrow


Today Redmi official leaked Redmi first WIFI 6 router will be released tomorrow. Users can choose AX5 Wifi 6 router at any time.

Previously a Redmi brand WIFI 6 router has got 3C certification. In terms of its certification, Redmi’s first WiFi 6 router is a gigabit dual-band router.

Apart from the improvement of bandwidth, the most important advantage of WiFi 6 is the support of OFDMA, which can effectively alleviate the problem of blocking when multiple devices connect to the same WiFi. This is a big demand in the current period of online classes and working from home, because there are a large number of connected devices and they all need to be smooth enough.

From the perspective of brand positioning, Redmi’s WiFi 6 router should be slightly lower than Xiaomi’s positioning and lower in price. It may be the first WiFi 6 router for young people, which will not rule out winning the throne of the cheapest WiFi 6 router.

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Lu Weibing, president of Xiaomi In China and general manager of Redmi Brand, said Redmi sticks to “extreme cost performance” and high quality, while focusing on 5G to expand multiple categories and layout IoT to get through the Redmi ecosystem.


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