RedmiBook Full Screen Notebook Leisurely Photos Announced: Surely Four Narrow Sides


News on December 9th, Xiaomi’s new product launch will start tomorrow, and the RedmiBook full-screen notebook will also be officially unveiled. Xiaomi’s official notebook has released photos of the real phone.

Xiaomi Notebook ’s official Weibo post said: “Would it be a very happy thing to hold the notebook on the sofa on weekends? A compact one, even if it is placed on the lap for a long time, has no sense of weight. The quick response and ultra-convenient intelligent interconnection have made small overtime work on weekends a kind of relaxation and enjoyment. Share a leisurely beautiful photo of a RedmiBook full-screen notebook, have you been moved? ”

From the real machine photos, the RedmiBook full-screen notebook uses a full metal body, silver body, keyboard, and B-side black. One of the main features of the book is that the border is very narrow, and it is not only narrow on the upper, left, and right sides. The bottom border is also much narrower than before. This is the official design of the four narrow sides.

Because the body is more compact, this time the RedmiBook full-screen notebook does not provide a keypad. In addition, the body is very thin, but the side interface is not real.

It is worth mentioning that despite the thin and light body, this time the RedmiBook full-screen notebook claims to reach 11 hours of long battery life and supports fast charging, which makes up for the shortcomings of portable small books, everyone can look forward to it.

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