RedMiBook Pro is Coming Back with a New Design Released Next Month


Now it is getting closer and closer to the press conference of RedMiBook Pro, and there are more and more news about the new products. Today, Xiaomi announced that the new RedMiBook Pro camera will officially return, which will also greatly improve the convenience of users’ video communication.

Perhaps due to cost constraints, neither RedmiBook 14 nor RedmiBook 16 has a camera, so users can only buy an extra camera to make video calls. The new RedmiBook Pro will have a front-facing camera, which also reflects the Pro positioning of the new laptop.

In addition, officials appear to have revealed the location of the RedMiBook Pro’s camera in the poster, which is located at the top of the screen. Thanks to the front-facing camera, however, RedMiBook Pro has a wider bezel at the top, and we’ll have to wait until the press conference to find out exactly what the design will look like.

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The RedMiBook Pro will be released next month, so we’ll find out when it will be released soon.


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