Revealed MIUI 14 and MI 13 Released Together without Preinstallation


On Nov 19, media reports said that MIUI14 operating system will be released along with the new Mi 13 series. The Mi 13 and Mi 13 Pro will be the first models equipped with MIUI14.

It is reported that MIUI14 will receive major upgrades in terms of functions, such as large folder and card mode, which can facilitate user operation and desktop beautification.

Meanwhile, MIUI14 will also upgrade the weather, calendar, clock and other functions, so that users can operate directly on the desktop, reducing the secondary operation steps.

In addition, more importantly, MIUI14 will feature three major functions: no ads, no preinstallation and no push.

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In addition, the system UI, fluency and stability have been optimized and upgraded. Related media said that the MIUI14 operating system changes and improvements are quite exciting.


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