(Review) Alfawise A8 Projector a $70 Projector Comes With 1GB RAM & 8GB ROM+Android 6.0 OS


This week we have dedicated ourselves to analyzing a cheap led and portable projector, which has wifi and Android TV inside, it is a Chinese and Alfawise brand. Its price is very cheap for the features it has, beware that it already comes with Kodi and Netflix installed as standard. In this article, we describe our tests, how it is installed and the opinions we have about it. Alfawise is a cheap led and portable projector, Android Version priced at $99.99 & basic version priced at $66.99 and offers some very interesting features. It stands out because it has Wi-Fi and Android TV installed as standard, it also comes with Kodi and Netflix in the operating system.

Seeing the Movies, Football on a giant screen in your home is very easy with this projector. It’s as simple as connecting the projector to the Wi-Fi in your home, then just start the Kodi app that you already have, you can see all the football matches as if you were in the cinema, with a huge screen of up to 100 inches.

Today we talk about the Alfawise A8 projector, a product that draws our attention to the inclusion of AmLogic S905X CPUs and Android 6.0 as an operating system. Other truly remarkable specifications are supported for 4K Ultra HD resolution videos and 1800 Lumens with LED lamp designed to last over 20,000 hours. Let’s go down in detail and find out more about the Alfawise A8 projector.

We have an Android version of the Alfawise A8 projector and This Review Unit provided by GEARBEST and there are Two models with the only difference in the OS. We would like to thanks Gearbest for his confidence in giving us the product for Review.

Alfawise A8 Projector – Technical Specifications

● CPU: quad-core 1.5GHz Amlogic S905X, RAM: 1GB DDR3, ROM: 8GB NAND Flash ( but the basic version does not have the OS )
● Support dual-band WiFi 2.4 + 5GHz 802.11a/b/g/n/ac
● Wireless connect with iPhone, iPad, laptop with WiFi, free your hand
● Multiple USB interfaces, support USB keyboard, mouse and so on
● Support 4K ultra HD video playing for an astonishing 3D viewing experience
● Support 1080P full HD input the scale of screen is 16 : 9 / 4 : 3
● Long LED lamp life is over 20000 hours
● Built-in speaker with stereo sound experience. Immerse yourself in the musical sound and relax


Alfawise A8 Projector Comes with Very simple white carton box with the projector though well protected inside by a pack of soft packing sponges.

Inside there is the English user manual, power cord, RCA cable, remote control and small media to lift the projector Despite the instruction manual in English, there are many very clear images to facilitate installation.


Alfawise A8 Projector Made of glossy plastic, This Alfawise A8 projector is very compact and light, it is smaller than a shoe box, you can put it in a small backpack and still have room, its dimensions are 20.50 x 15.00 x 5.50 cm and its weight of 0.9570 kg. As you can see it is totally portable.

At the top, we find all the navigation keys and two focus (focus keystone) to adjust the focus and projected image size.

Alfawise A8 Projector Connector for connecting to the current is on the side, while on the back we find all the ports: 3.5 mm audio connect headphones, AV port, HDMI port, USB port, Micro SD slot, VGA port. As you can see, it is well nourished by ports and connections. It also has wifi and Bluetooth. You can connect directly to the Wi-Fi in your home, in order to play streaming content over the Internet. It has the Google Play store where you can download hundreds of apps and games, which you can enjoy a full screen with the projector. This projector has a built-in speaker, it is not necessary to connect an external sound equipment.

At the bottom, the projector is equipped with non-slip rubber grommets and also find the housings to which the supplied feet are screwed.

Note the absence of a lens cap.

Hardware & Features

Of course, a beautiful design is not enough for a successful product, but also when it comes to hardware, the AlfaWise A8 Beamer can be proud of itself! The lens can make an image between 32 “and 100” inches and this from 1 to 6 meters away from the projection screen (or the classic wall). The brightness is equal to 1800 lumens, with a contrast of 1000: 1 and a resolution of 854 x 480 pixels. The best has yet to come. The manufacturer claims that the lamp must last 20,000 hours. This means more than 10 years for the average user. A 3W loudspeaker is also present there somewhere, but the quality still needs to be worked on.

When we focus on the Smart part, we find specifications that resemble a mid-range tablet. The 1.5GHz Amlogic S905X quad-core processor and the Mali-450 MP5 GPU form the basis to meet all your needs. This AlfaWise A8 is equipped with 1GB DDR3 memory; this is on the poor side if you want to use multiple Apps at the same time. Android 6.0 is present and seems highly optimized and never lingers. For your own photos, movies or music the A8 Smart Beamer comes with 8GB of storage, but this can easily be enlarged by a microSD memory card. Also, the processor in this device is fast enough to finish most common operations smoothly.


Once the projector is turned on, the main screen will appear. To connect the projector to a wifi network and watch streaming movies or videos on YouTube, just access the “Settings” main screen. The settings are Android, so it’s really easy and intuitive to scroll.

If we click on APP from the main screen, we already have installed: the internet browser, a folder with our files, Gallery, HappyCast, Hulu, Code (Krypton 17.4), Netflix, PlayStore, WPS Office, YouTube. Of course, we can add other applications directly from the projector via the Google Play Store.

Obviously, we can also upload and watch movies via a USB flash drive. Pre-installed there is also WPS Office for those who would rather use the projector to project presentations or work with Word, Excel, and Powerpoint. You can also connect keyboard and mouse via Bluetooth. Alfawise A8 is compatible with both PlayStation 4 and Xbox, to completely transform the gaming experience!

Alfawise A8 Projector: Ease of Use

In just 1 minute you will already be watching a football game or a full-screen movie. To use this projector is to sew and sing. We have been surprised by its ease of use and its great image quality. The first step is to connect the projector to a power outlet, then you have to point it at the wall, or at a projector screen, in such a way that the projected image is large and you can enjoy the images as they should be.

That’s it, you do not need to connect anything else. Just turn on the Alfawise projector and on the wall you will see Android TV running as if it were a normal smart TV or an Android TV Box. The final step to enjoy the LED projector is to connect it to your home’s Wi-Fi, access the Android settings menu and select your Wi-Fi network, then enter the password and that’s it, you’ve already connected the project to the Internet, so you can enjoy Kodi, Netflix, HBO and any other online streaming service.

The Alfawise A8 projector has a remote control, with this command you can manage the entire interface. Although it has been somewhat cumbersome for us to use it with the projector, in the end, we have chosen to connect a mouse to the USB input of the projector, with this moving through the interface has been much easier, you can even connect a Bluetooth keyboard to be able to Search more easily.

In a matter of minutes we have opened Netflix, we have put our user and we have enjoyed watching an online movie. All this without having to connect anything to the projector, just using the Netflix app that is already installed, it is a matter of sewing and singing. And above you avoid having wires in between that are very annoying.

By the way, this Alfawise A8 projector comes with a European plug and a predefined English language, so you do not have to buy an adapter, nor do you need an accelerated Chinese course to use it, even the manuals are also in English, so to use it There is no unpleasant surprise.


This cheap Alfawise A8 led a portable projector is highly recommended. It works very well, it is very practical and compact, the image quality is excellent, and the inclusion of Wi-Fi and Android makes it ideal for consuming content from the Internet. If that was not enough, it already comes with Kodi installed, you will have it easy to see all the football on a 100-inch screen. A 100-inch TV can cost you 2000 Dollars or more, while with the Alfawise projector you get it for only $70 USD, it’s something incredible but it’s true.

To achieve a good image quality the room has to be dark, we have tried the projector in the middle of the afternoon, in low light, and the truth is that the screen was too dim. Only when the room is in total darkness is the maximum enjoyment of the projector, with a clear and clear image, but hey, this is the same thing that happens when you go to the cinema. Even if it is only $100 the quality of the Alfawise A8 projector is excellent, it is not a toy that looks bad, it is a solvent product and it more than meets, you will not be disappointed, you will see football or movies as if you were in the cinema.

The Alfawise A8 projector is available on GearBest. Beware though why the cheaper model (BASIC VERSION) does not have an operating system. If you are interested You can buy at $63.99 Basic Version with the use of this coupon code: APA8B


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