Review: Honor Band 5 Global Edition – Read for the biggest opponent of Mi Band 4 and how to get it at the lowest price with our coupon from TomTop!


I myself I’m a big fan of Mi Band and Xiaomi gadgets in general. But this doesn’t mean that I’m narrow minded and wont accept gadgets and from other companies. So I was very happy to get the biggest opponent of the well known Mi Band 4, the Huawei Honor Band 5 Global Edition. The Honor 5 band was send to me to check from Cafago, which I would like to thank it. So let’s see what I got…

The Honor Band 5 came to me from Cafago as I told you without any problem with customs. The box of the Honor band 5, since is the Global Edition, everything was in English. If you get the Chinese version, everything will be in Chinese. At the box, at the front we an image of the Honor Band 5 and at the back we can see various specs of it.όπως σας είπα. Η συσκευασία του, εφόσον μιλάμε για την Global έκδοση, είχε τα πάντα στα αγγλικά απ’ έξω. Έτσι μπροστά βλέπουμε μία φωτογραφία του Honor Band 5, ενώ στο πίσω μέρος βλέπουμε διάφορα τεχνικά του χαρακτηριστικά.


When you open the package, inside you will find the Huawei Honor Band 5, a charger with a USB cable attached on it, a user manual in English and a warranty card.


In order to activate for the first time the Honor Band 5, you will have to connect it on the charger and connect it to a power source. At least for me this I had to do to activate it. After activation, you will see an message on the screen of the Honor Band 5, that you must connect it to the app/ The app, the Huawei Health, you can download it using the QR code found at the side of the box…or the links that I give you further down. You will find link form Google Playstore, Apple Store and a beta version if you want to use. Have in mind that the app will ask you to download one more program from Google Playstore in order to run normally.

Google Playstore – Apple Store – Android

Below, in order to help you understand better where Huawei Honor Band 5 and Mi Band 4 are similar and where are different, I have made an table and set things side by side. I have found him very useful and I give it to you.

Xiaomi Mi Band 4
(standard version)
Huawei HONOR Band 5 (Global Edition)
Screen 0.95″ AMOLED touch with color 0.95″ AMOLED touch with color but with better UI Dynamic effect
Design Elliptic Square
Material TPU + TPE TPU
Waterproof 50 deep in the water
Battery 135mAh 100mAh
Stand by time 20 days 20 days
Charging time 120 min 100 min
Bluetooth version Bluetooth 5.0 Bluetooth 5.0
Functions Alarm clock,Bluetooth dialing,call reminder,distance recording,incoming calls show,measurement of heart rate,message management,sedentary reminder,sleep management Alarm clock,Bluetooth dialing,call reminder,calories burned measuring,distance recording,find your phone,incoming calls show,24-hour continuous heart rate monitoring,message management,pedometer,sleep management, blood measurement (only in the Chinese version for now, probably in October firmware to see it in the Global version), NFC bus payment (only in Chinese version)
Sensor 6-axis IMU sensor
Weight 222 g 130g


As you will see and in the photos below, form the Honor Band 5 is missing the option to control the camera of your mobile and the music player, options that you can find in Mi Band 4. As for the saturation, for now exists only in the Chinese version. Rumors say that it will be added in the October firmware update, but is something to wait to see. The app of the Honor Band 5 is very good and at a level where only custom mi fit is, not from Playstore. Also the Honor Band 5 supports many many languages, which Mi Band 4 doesn’t do that. So, for example, if someone is from Greece and wants to have a Greek menu, Mi Band 4 doesn’t have, Honor band 5 has! I guess the same is valid and for many other languages, which Xiaomi doesn’t support.

​When you make the Huawei ID, use a country like Ireland or England to have many more dials. Inside the app you will see the option for your dials, but is not yet activated.

Below you can see a video review of the Huawei Honor Band 5 and a side by side review with the Mi Band 4. Don’t forget to like the video and subscribe to the YouTube channel.

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