Review of HomTom S8-Best Competitive Bezelless Octa Core Smartphone in @Coolicool (w/ real images and video)


I guess you must have understood the the tendency these last months is Full screen mobiles. All companies have at least one to present. So I was thinking to get one to see how it is to have a full screen mobile. My eye fell on the latest creation of HomTom, the HomTom S8, which is a full screen mobile, with very good specs and the most important, at a really very good price from the EU warehouse of the Coolicool.

HomTom S8 came to my house with DHL, as this is the service that Coolicool uses. I choose to get it from the EU warehouse because I wanted fast, I didn’t want to pay any customs and to be delivered at home. The package came to me in 10 days exactly. Opening the protective bag of DHL and Coolicool, I came across a really very nice dark blue box. On the top of the box was saying HomTom and on the other part had stickers with info about the S8. The whole package of the HomTom, as you can see and in the pictures, looks awesome and could be easily used and as a gift box with the appropriate  bondage.

Opening the package, inside we can find the HomTom S8 of course protected inside a antistatic bag, protecting the mobile from dust or scratches, a OTG cable, a USB cable with micro USB port, the EU adaptor for the power, supporting up to 2Α, a flexible protective see-through case, a manual written in many languages, the pin for the SIM tray and a film protection for the screen from TomTop.

HomTom S8 when it came to me from Coolicool, inside the box, except from the antistatic bag, it was also protected in some kind of lent with various information on it, which was a little hard to remove. After removing the lent, the view of the mobile was really astonishing, as the model that came to me has a piano black color. The back is from hard plastic, of very good quality of course, while the screen had already a protective film placed from the factory. On the back we can also see the fingerprint scanner, which also had a protective cover not to be damaged. As a designed looked very beautiful, but some things where not at the place I was used mainly with my Xiaomi mobiles. So, the SIM tray was on the top and the earphone jack was at the bottom. At the bottom we can also see a micro USB slot used for charging or data transfer and the gaps from the speakers, from which the sound that comes out is really very loud! Other from that, on the right we see the volume +/- and power button.

Booting up the mobile the first thing that you will notice, is the loud sound that comes out of the speakers, as I told you before. After setting up the mobile with all needed, we are ready to use it. HomTom S8 comes with a LCD IPS screen of 5.7 inch, with 18:9, 2.5D glass, GFF full lamination and 720 x 1440 px resolution. The dimensions of the mobile are 72.5 x 152.0 x 7.9 mm and weights 180 γρ. You can get it in the really impressive piano black color I got it, silver or in blue which in the pictures looks also fantastic!

HomTom S8 is equipped with the 64bits octacore MediaTek MT6750T with 4x 1.5 GHz ARM-A53 Cortex – 4x 1.0 GHz ARM-A53 Cortex and up to 1.5 GHz. For GPU, the S8 has the ARM Mali-T860 MP2. The mobile is equipped with 4GB RAM, which will be for sure enough to do many thing at the same time and 64GB of internal storage for saving a lot of images and video. And if you think this is not enough, you can expand the internal storage through an external SD card with 128GB more, reaching the internal storage up to 192GB!!! HomTom S8 comes with preinstalled Android 7.0. Here is and the results of an Antutu test I run.

And for the GPS, to see how many satellites can find inside a room….

And here is what we see at the About of the mobile

HomTom S8 comes with dual camera at the back. These cameras are 13 MP (SW 16 MP) with Sony Exmor RS sensor & 2 MP (SW 5 MP). It has dual LED flas and supports autofocus, EIS and many more. You can see the options in the images below. At the front side, the camera is a 8 MP (SW 13 MP). I have taken some fotos with the app of the mobile and with open camera, which is a free app and takes much better pictures and I use it and with my Mi5S Plus.

Pictures taken with the camera app:

And with Open Camera:

As you can see the pictures where taken late in the afternoon, so pictures are not taken in bright light. I can say the the pictures from the Open Camera look much better, but this is something that I see it in most chinese mobiles I have used. See what options you have from the app.

HomTom S8 comes with a non removable battery with 3400mAh which supports Quick Charging. It also supports dual SIM or one SIM and a SD card.

Check here and a unboxing video and how HomTom S8 works

HomTom S8 as you can see is a really very nice mobile, with a very impressive look and with very good specs. For me, if you live in Europe, get it from the EU warehouse of Coolicool, as the price between the EU warehouse and from China is almost the same. So if you get it from the EU warehouse of Coolicool will have to pay 189.99$ or else 161.5€. If you want to get it from China, the price from over there is 169.99$


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