Review of I4 PRO SmartWatch Phone with Amazing Beefy Specs!


The accessories and daily gadgets are more involved with us and are increasingly becoming smart. The Wrist watch was among the frontier of becoming smart and has seen a success at making business, following the same route we have today the I4 PRO SmartWatch Phone We are approaching and are in near proximity of full IOT ecosystem , it will affect our daily lives in ways we haven’t even thought of. This watch is fully loaded with hardware and is ready to take the competition head on.

The design of the smartwatch phone is none like a  classical watch style, but instead is a  modernistic watch circular dial made up of metal, it has an electroplated Aluminum case made with Anodic oxidation technique to protect the case from fading , getting dull, it has abrasion resistant scraping if you are wondering. Then you have a physical button that doubles as a power button and wakes up the screen. On the other side you have a mic, speaker grill for calls on the phone as this a Smartwatch Phone. Below is the small sub back plate which screwed in, unscrewing it reveals the sim slot that is 3G capable. The watch also offers medical grade TPU material strap, that are good for every skin type.

 I4 PRO SmartWatch Phone has some rocking beefy specs for instance it has a MTK6580 Quad Core 1.3GHz CPU at the helm and supporting it is a humongous 2GB of RAM, that is just insane. Also it has an internal memory of whopping 16GB letting you install apps that you may need, inshort it is comparable to a mid level smartphone itself considering the specs. I haven’t stated the best part yet, it has a 1.39 inch 400 x 400 resolution AMOLED screen ! Yes this watch is serious about the display which the only thing the user will see, this is the best feature you can say. Further you get 3G connectivity, Bluetooth 4.0 and GPS also. You also get an array of sensors like the Heart-rate monitor, Gyroscope, Acceloromter etc.The watch is power packed with top notch hardware and does so remaining humble in the price department.

 I4 PRO SmartWatch Phone amazingly powerful and beasty smartwatch phone is just too good to be priced so humble. Besides specs it has health features like Calories burned, step counter etc. Music mode best with a wireless headphone, Then you also have a voice control mode for hassle free use, further it has a host of watchfaces and a very simple easy to use User Interface that puts like of Samsung Galaxy Gear S3 to shame! It can be considered as the flagship smartwatch as it offers higher than any flagship level specifications in any price range. This is a combination of success and you can get this watch at for just $99 only. That is the best price to specs ratio I have ever seen in my reviewing life.


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