Review of JiDome A808 3D VR Glasses-Bring MINI Private Home Theater (Coupon Included)


VR Headset still has been focus at CES 2017, therefore, it will be good chance for those VR headset manufacturers. Therefore, there will be increasing new VR brands, right now JiDome as a new brand has released  JiDome A808 a 3D vr glasses for your new choice. Maybe, it’s not a new brand for you.


JiDome A808 has 19.00 x 11.80 x 10.20 cm dimensions, and 0.288 kg weight itself, but the package size will be  21.00 x 14.30 x 11.00 cm dimensions, 0.559 kg weight, which is as heavy as a smartphone. Therefore, it can be shipped with less cost. Besides, it is very lightweight, compatible with android smartphones for 4.7 inch to 5.7 inch.

Hardware and Features

JiDome A808 comes with  1 x JiDome A808 3D VR Glasses, 1 x Headband ( Set ), 1 x USB Type-C Adapter, 1 x Cleaning Cloth, it supports 90 degrees to 110 degrees FOV range. And it can adjust the IPD  (Interpupillary distance) from 60mm to 70mm. The screen supports 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution. The IPD and focus adjustment can meet different people’s needs, especially those myopia.And 96 degree FOV will provide the best view experience.


According to overall introduction, JiDome A808 can be your latest choice to create a mini private home theater for more entertainment. You can enjoy coupon code: GB9% to catch one at $31.98. Come on!


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