Review of Scishion V88 mini II-RK3329 Android6.0 2GB TV BOX (coupon included)


If you are looking for a Android Tv Box for a tight budget but capable of manage 4k @60fps videos, keep reading because this  Scishion V88 mini II  got all you need.

With products like the one we are reviewing today, is confirmed something we are tired of repeating, anyone can have an Android TvBox. For those still don’t have a clue about, this little gizmos gives any Tv, new functions and apps; web browsing (HTML5 capable), Netflix, Amazon Video, HBO Go, games and more. Today,  Scishion V88 mini II, stand above any competitor for its value for the money ratio.

Manage 4K media

Before we talk about this, lets write down some specs; its measures are 11.50 L x 10.50 W x 2.00 H centimeters and weight 100grm. With this small form factor includes every port and connection any multimedia center require. Black, is the only color available.

Ports; you can find the SD port in left side, on right side an arrange of three USB ports (2.0) and on the back HDMI (2.0), AV (for the old square tv’s), SPDIF (toslink for audio components), LAN (100mbits) and energy port. There’s something we should highlight, since it has wireless capabilities Bluetooth connection is also present, even for its price.

In the guts you can find a Rockship 3229 Quad-Core SoC @1,5 GHz with a Mali-400 GPU, 2Gb DDR3, 8Gb ROM and Android 6.0 as operating system. This cocktail is the perfect mixture to provide the smooth multimedia capabilities, yes, this little device manages to reproduce up to 4K @60fps. With this you can be sure you are prepared for next years when 4K became the standar, since we are still in the transition from FHD to 4K multimedia, so you can have the peace of mine that your money is well invested.

Remember, if you need more User memory, the TF card port is there to enlarge space for your photos, music, videos, apps and more.

With all we already mentioned, it should be noted that  Scishion V88 mini II  is loaded with Kodi, so you are cover, any kind of media you trow will be reproduced from the pleasure of your couch using the simply remote control  included. And, with Android Marshmallow you can install all the popular apps like, Facebook, Skype, Twitter, Gmail and so on directly from your Tv.

Can you afford it? YES!

 Scishion V88 mini II is one of the cheapest but very powerful Rockchip 2GB 16GB Android Tv Box, right now it is in flash sale at 33.99 usd, only limited in 7 days, therefore, it is a very good opportunity to grab very affordable and competitive TV BOX at such low price. Believe it or not, compare with others first. Use this coupon: SVM0703 for an extra discount.


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