Review of the 3D Glasses CPU H8 Eight Core ARM Cortex A7 Architecture VR Glasses


Today we are going to review some 3D glasses that have a lot of features. The VR glasses come with a blue logo at the front side of the VR saying VR.

At the top side we find at the front side a raw of gaps that help for removing the heat. On the right side there are the buttons for moving the frame to the left / right / up and down. On the other side there is also a similar combination of button but here serve as surfing through the options and the various menu.

The 3D glasses comes with a octacore H8 ARM cortex CPU. This CPU is very powerful and capable of doing 3D operations easily. The 3D glasses is made out of plastic of high quality. Also the part that come in contact with the face is very soft and made specially from hypoallergenic material.

I have found this amazing 3D glasses at Lightinthebox at a very good price if you want to check it. So for only $148.99 it can be yours!


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