Review of the ANTVR 2.0 – A 2K 3D VR Virtual Reality Headset for PC (Coupon included)


The AntVR 2.0 is a high-level virtual reality headset. Supports 2K display, 100°FOV, Location Tracking and Immersive 3D Experience. Features an camera at the front bottom area for a room based tracker based on retro-reflective AR fiducial markers.



The AntVR 2.0 is made out of plastic. It has OLED dual display screen with resolution 2160 x 1200, 424 ppi screen pixels and 90Hz refresh rate. The sharp picture that is produced is projected onto your retina through the aspherical lens that is equipped without distorting the image. It has external speakers directly set to your ears and by this way you can see and here only the 3D VR world that is created in front of you. Supports seated, standing, large scale, extendable-scale positioning track. Distortion-free Fresnel lenses help prevent image distortion and dizziness. Allow you to see the environment around you while the headset is still put on.



The AntVR 2.0 features 100°FOV. This means that when someone wears the headset, in front of him will see the largest 4:3 standard screen in the world, which gives you a 100° diagonal field of view. This is like you are watching with an IMAX-like experience in the comfort of your own home. With the Location Tracking that the AntVR 2.0 features, when you take a step in any direction in the game, the character will continue walking in that direction until you take a step back and understand by this way that you want to stop. Also through the ballpark acceleration that features, you will feel like you’re really moving. This will make the possibility of feeling dizzy lower. If you make any movement like crouch or jump, your character will do the same with you. Also with the Immersive 3D Experience that features, it will be like you are really in that movie or game! With the headset, you can enjoy any game or watch any movie when it is connected to PC. The built-in infrared camera senses the controllers and carpets from every angle. It supports infinite extension of play area. Combined with 2 controllers and carpets, the ANTVR 2.0 provides you infinite exploration in the VR world. The AntVR 2.0 in order to work well, the PC that will be connected, must be with Windows 7.0 and above, i5-4590 CPU and at least 4GB of RAM.



The ANTVR 2.0 is a really fantastic piece of art in terms of 3d VR headset. The abilities and the features are straight out of a movie from Hollywood! I know that is expensive, but it proves any cent! And for that, we want you to order it, you can use the coupon GKBAUG35, which will give you 30$ OFF from the final price and will become only $586.99!


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