Review of the B15P – The ultimate clone of Mi Band 2 but with better specs (Limited offer!)


Many people know that I’m a big Xiaomi fan. I have so many things from the company, I’m a moderator at the Greek Xiaomi-miui forum, I think all these things say a lot. But when I see something that is good, despite the fact that looks alike a Xiaomi product, I say it and B15P is the ultimate Xiaomi Mi Band 2 clone with some specs even better from the original! Let us see why I’m saying this…..


B15P look alike Mi Band 2. Has the same OLED screen display that shows us info, but is bigger since the B15P is 0.86inch and Mi Band 2 is 0.42 inch. The screen is of 96 x 32pixel resolution. The bracelet is made out of durable silicone TPU that can be changed in 5 colors – Black, White, Blue, Green, Purple (Optional)! The screen display is of low battery consumption, in order to last longer. The min perimeter is 12cm and the max 23cm so it would not be a problem to wear it even a kid. It weights 21.5 grams, so is a little heavier from Mi Band 2 that weights 19grams. The dimensions of the B15P are 41 x 19.5 x 11.5mm, when Mi Band 2 has 40.3 x 15.7 x 10.5, so is thinner and 0.7mm longer.


The B15P features a Swiss NRF51822 Micro Processor, that can give to the user higher performance, safety and stable results. Uses Blutooth V4.0 in order to connect with your mobile and the working range is up to 10 meters. IP67 life waterproof, so you won’t have to worry about water, showering or swimming (but no scuba dive). Supports Android 4.4 or above, IOS 8.0 or above as operational systems. The B15P can track, show and work as Pedometer, show burned Calories, measure Heart Rate, work as a Sleep Monitor, work as a Call/Information Reminder, who much Distance one has walked, show the Blood Pressure Monitor any many more to find out. Uses 3 accelerators as G-Sensor and the sensor is from Yiguang. Supports of course vibration as a alarm. In order to track all info, you have to download the app from playstore. So from what we see B15P can track blood pressure, that Mi Band 2 cannot and show who is a calling, an option that very lately was added in the Mi Fit app and is still in Beta stage and can be found in some versions.


The B15P has a bigger battery from Mi Band 2. So Mi Band 2 has 70mAh battery, when B15P has 80mAh  Polymer Li-ion. I guess this will give some extra days of live to the B15P. Supports quick charging so with 30 min charging you can have 360 hours of standby time.


So why one should choose B15P from the original Mi Band 2. Both have the same price, but B15P has more features, better battery. You can get it from TomTop where I found it for only 26.29$ as a Limited offer, so you must hurry up!


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