Review of the Benro IS05 – A Portable Light Aluminum Tripod that becomes and selfie stick (Coupon included)


The Benro IS05 is a portable very light tripod, made out of aluminium, that can be easily transform in to a selfie stick!


The Benro IS05 is a tripod made out of aviation aluminum alloy, which is very light and at the same time very durable! It contains 5 sections for more customization. The maximum diameter of the pipe is at 22mm
and the minimum is down to 10mm. It can get up to 1510mm maximum height and minimum at 285mm. Normally is about at 935mm for normal use. When is folded it has a 265mm height, which makes it very easy to carry around. It can take up to 4kg maximum load, when  the tripod itself weights only 0.911kg.


The Benro IS05 supports leg angle adjustment. By this way you can always have straight your camera or mobile, even in a uneven terrain. The IS05 Tripod includes a 3-position leg angle adjustment sliding lock. With this way, all you have to do is select one of the three positions according to the terrain and you will be ok. In order to stay at this height, all you have to do then is to turn the leg lock grip clockwise. By this way you securely lock the leg at the desired height. You can also adjust the section of the center column by loosening its lock knob anticlockwise and lift the column to the desired height and re-tighten the column lock knob. By this way you control the angle that your camera will have exactly. Don’t forget also that the center column can be changed into a selfie stick, which makes it very convenient not to carry extra accessories for photo sessions. The Benro IS05 is also equipped with a convenient Universal Quick Release Clamp with Secondary Safety Lock System is incorporated.


The Benro IS05 is a useful tripod, light to carry around and easy to use at any uneven terrain, that can be transformed to a selfie stick if needed. You can of course find it at, where they know what exactly a photographer will need. So go over there and order it but as always don’t forget to use our coupon code TRIPODKIT20, so to have 20% OFF from the final price! Is that fantastic!?


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