Review of the BGVP DMG 2DD+4BA Hybrid Drivers In-Ear Earphones w/ Detachable MMCX Audio Cable and 3 Nozzles (w/ images and video)


Having good earphones I believe is one of the essentials for listen music, without loss or any distortion. Good earphones are numbered in the market and you must know what to choose. I was recently send to review from BGVP their latest creation, the BGVP DMG earphones and I have to admit I was amazed from their quality of sound!

The BGVP DMG earphones came to me by post without any problem. Inside the postage package, was a nice white box with the image of the earphones on top and their specs in Chinese and on the back was a diagram of how the earphones are with further specifications in English this time. On the side there was a sing indicating that the version of the earphones I received are without microphone.

Opening the box, inside you will find two boxes, one containing only the earphones and one with all extras, spares and nozzles. You will be amazed of the big variety that has. Under the two boxes you will find the detachable audio cable, a manual and a warranty card.

If you look closer to the last photo, you will see that except form the usual spares of the earphones, there is a clip for better holding the cable on your cloth and two ear-grips to place in the gap the cable and stabilize it firmly around your ears without having the fear that will drop and loose them. At the one of the two boxes from the photo, you will see nozzles. You will find silver plated and gold plated. At the earphones you will find black nozzles. These nozzles react differently when are attached to the earphones. So according to what you want to hear, the black nozzle is for balanced sound, the gold nozzle is for strong bass like Pop DJ and finally the silver nozzle can be used for detailed treble like vocals.

The detachable audio cables are 1.2 meters long and are like knitted. My no mic version where silver, while the mic version are in black. At the end of the cable, a L bending plug with silver plated and a protective cap will be there. The BGVP DMG earphones are equipped with four balanced armature drivers and two dynamic drivers with fourway crossover. This is the newest and most popular IEM today. By this way the DMG have a very balanced sound with reduced distortion and strong, articulated bass,designed for performing musicians and headphones enthusiast.

The DMG earphones have 18Ω resistance, 110dB sensitivity, 15 – 25000Hz frequency response range. The y don’t have any active noise cancellation mechanism, but I assure you, you will not need any. The cable is connected the earphones at the right connection, which is gold plated for minimum audio loss.

Check my unboxing and review video I have made for you.

If you love hearing to the music, you are a musician or you search only the best from an earphone, then the BGVP DMG earphones is what you search. You can find them at their Alliexpress store or Amazon store from 139$.



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