Review of the Feiyu SUMMON+ – A Stabilized Handheld with 3-Axis Brushless Gimbal (Coupon included)


The Feiyu SUMMON+ is a all-in-one camera that features also and 3-axis stabilization function. It’s very easy to work with. Shooting with it is controllable so as to take stable HD videos and pictures.


The Feiyu SUMMON+ features a tilting angle range of 310° and rolling angle range of also 310°. The panning angle is about 360°. If you want to see how fast can change angles, the SUMMON+ reaches the maximum control speed of ±120°/s. The sensor of the camera that is equipped is of 16 mega pixels. The lens field of the lens is about95° wit a lens specification of 1/2.3″. The aperture size is f2.8. On the back of the camera we see a tiny display, with a 2.0 inch screen display and resolution  320×240. The camera can shoot video 4K at 25fps and it can also shoot images at 16M resolution. The images are saved as JPG. The Summon+ supports also extra memory card up to 64GB. It supports also WiFi communication at 2.4GHz. The weight is about 355 grams and the size of the package about 33.6 x 19.2 x 5 c.


The Feiyu SUMMON+ is equipped with a Panasonic 1600MP sensor. It can shoot 4K@25fps video. Using the Panasonic trend-leading processor, we can have more vivid and much better images from usual.It also features an additional microphone to ensure dynamic, detailed and distinctive audio for your video. With the Summon+ , you can have very accurate movement of your object. The following speed setting allows you to sway your video sharply to record widely, or move it gently like just looking around. You can take panoramic image views taken with the camera that has.The Summon+ features a bright LED light on its front to provide sufficient illumination for filming in dark environment. With Summon+, your nighttime or indoor video can be richer in details. Using the fast responsive shutter button on the handle of Summon+, you can record any surprising moments immediately. Summon+ has a dedicated FY Cam APP for iPhones and for Android phones. By connecting Summon+ to your smartphone via Wi-Fi connection, you are offered access to intelligent controls like gimbal configuration, manual camera setting, touch-screen control, gyro navigation and more.


The Feiyu SUMMON+ is equipped with the Model: 22650, 3.7V 3000mAh battery. The working voltage is between 3.7V – 4.2V.


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