Review of the Feiyu Tech SPG Live 3 Axis Smartphone Handheld Gimbal (Coupon included)


Feiyu Tech SPG Live is a gimbal using the latest technology with 3 Axis to hold steady your mobile, featuring and Smart Vertical Mode 360°.


The Feiyu Tech SPG Live is a gimbal that is suitable for most mobiles like iPhone series, HUAWEI P9/P9 plus, Mi5, MEIZU MX6, Samsung Note5/S7 and other smartphones that have similar dimensions with the mobiles mentioned before. The SPG Live can stand weight of 110 till 230 grams and the clamp that has can be adjusted for mobiles from 50 to 80 mm wide. The tilting angle that can reach is 320°, the rolling angle is also 320° and the panning angle is 360°. The increments for tilting are 2°/s ~ 75°/s and for panning are 3°/s ~ 150°/s. In order to keep your mobile steady the SPG Live uses a 3.7V 3200mAh rechargeable battery, which when is fully charged can operate for 8 hours straight. The gimbal itself, without the batteries and the mobile of course, weights about 355g and has dimensions 33.4 x 19 x 5cm.


The Feiyu Tech SPG Live can place you mobile screen in a vertical position with a simple tilt to either side. Just tilt the gimbal and it will stay centered. By this way you can have all the attention in your live stream. Using the latest technology and with intelligent inertial measurement, the SPG Live can automatically change the screen mode between horizontal to vertical and vice versa. By this way you can change your shooting angle and view easily and without any problem. The SPG Live can collapse and extend on both sides to balance with different smartphone’s gravity centers, so you don’t have to worry how to set your mobile on it or how it will react with different mobiles and different weights. The Feiyu Tech SPG Live features an iconic joystick, which you can use to control with precision the gimbal. With the two buttons that features on the operational panel you can easily switch modes, power on/off the gimbal. The Feiyu Tech SPG Live features a special app, through which you can initially automatically calibrate the gimbal, update firmware and personalize various parameters. The Feiyu Tech SPG Live is equipped with a high precision brushless motor. This combined with the specially designed FeiyuTech G algorithm platform, you have a whole new sensation.


The Feiyu Tech SPG Live is a gimbal that is important to have if you want to shoot steady with your mobile. At least this is the proposal from, and since they are professionals in these, I believe them! So if you are in need of a gimbal like that, go over to and when you order the SPG Live, don’t forget to use our coupon code FEIYUTECH59, so to have $59 OFF from the final price and become $210!



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