Review of the Huawei Honor Zero Smartband with IP68 and 1.06 Inch OLED Touch Screen.


The new Huawei Honor Zero Smartband comes with IP68 certification, an amazing design and 1.06 Inch OLED Touch Screen.


The new Huawei Honor Zero Smartband is the latest creation form Huawei and comes with a 1.06 inch touch screen and OLED technology. Despite the fact that this is a smartband and not a smartwatch, the whole design reminds a lot of a smartwatch. The bracelet is very beautiful designed, coated with rhombus lines, as well as 3D technology effect. This gives a very exquisite sense of touch, when on the same time makes it really difficult to slide. You will find only one button on the Huawei Honor Zero, that of the power/ reset button at the rear of the watch face. Zero is trying to enter a difficult market, with many smartbands like Mi Band 2 from Xiaomi, asking a place and your attention. The Huawei Honor Zero is IP68 certificated, like Mi Band 2, which means is waterproof, dustproof. The case is made out of stainless steel and the band from TPU. The size of the dial is 38mm x 9.5 mm and the width of the band 230mm×16mm. The Huawei Honor Zero weights 25g.


The Huawei Honor Zero comes with a Cortex M4-STM32F411 as integrated chipset, that does all the work behind the scenes.


The Huawei Honor Zero is equipped with BT v4.1 for connecting with other devices. It also supports through the BT connection, Phone call reminder, it can display the caller’s name display and you can reject a call. From messaging, supports message checking and message reminder. From tracking your health, features sleep monitor, pedometer, calorie counting and sedentary reminder. It also shows the time, alarm and features as an event reminder. For alarming uses vibration and ring tone.


The Huawei Honor Zero is equipped with a 70mAh battery. THe standby time that the company gives is 14 days. You will need about 1.5 hours to fully charge it. THe interface used in this situation is the Magnet Pogo Pin.


The Huawei Honor Zero I guess wants to be the new updated and to be honest more elegant version of Xiaomi Mi Band 2. From the features, has some that exist in Mi Band 2, but with 3rd party apps and not the original. It looks to be a very interesting idea and I believe will be a big hit in the market. If you want to have it, you can find it at Geekbuying. You can use our coupon code SMART02 in order the final price to dropdown to USD 57.03.


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