Review of the Insta360 – A Nano 360 Degree Panoramic Camera (Coupon included)


Nowadays, we all take a bunch of photo or video with our mobile, but we are not always satisfied. Other times we want to shoot something from a distance, we get a len, but then is big, we have to carry it around, stays home for ever. For all these problems and many more familiar, has the perfect proposal for us, the Insta360. The Insta360 is a nano 360 degree panoramic camera, that will never let you down!


The Insta360 comes with dual 210° fish-eye lenses for better image capturing. The 8MP CMOS sensor from Sony, make an excellent work. It can shoot video up to 3040 x 1520 at 30FPS or can take images with the resolution of 3040 x 1520. According to what you have to shoot, you can set the speed of the shutter from 1/8000 to 25! The camera has slot for placing inside an SD card up to 64GB in order to expand the internal storage. You can easily work with image editing programs like Insta360 Nano, Insta360 Studio, Insta360 Player. The camera has dimensions of 11 x 3.3 x 2.1cm and weights only 72g.


The Insta360 as we pointed before, uses dual 210° fish-eye lenses, to be able to record and connect to each other in pan mode. At the same time you can have real time preview, of what you are shooting at. With the 3K video ability to shoot, you will be able to keep in the highest digitally form your memories. You can use the taken material for VR devices. The camera includes in the package a VR case, which you can use it with your mobile, so you can have a vivid panoramic view for you. You can of course use it and with various FPV, to have in-front of you wonderful panoramic views. If you are an Apple mobile owner, the camera comes with Apple MFi certification, so you can easily share what you see with friends, directly. The camera is made out of high quality aluminium alloy, having a very compact and exquisite design. You can easily use it at various social occasions and fit in.


The Insta360 comes with a rechargeable 800mAh battery, that will give enough hours life to your camera.

Software to use

In order to use the camera with your PC, you must download the following software:



The Insta360 is of unique design, for using it at special occasions, sharing to others in real time your happy moments. You will find it of course at, where they know what to propose to us. Don’t forget to use and our coupon code 360NANO38, so the final price to drop down to 164$.


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