Review of the KINGJOY P056 – A 5-Section Camera Tripod and Selfie Stick (Coupon included)


The KINGJOY P056 is a combination of a light, portable 5-section tripod and a selfie stick when is needed for your DSLR camera.


The KINGJOY P056 comes out in black red color. Is made out of durable aluminum alloy that can hold up to 4kg weight. It’s a tripod with 5 tube section with max diameter of each tube 22mm. The maximum working height is meter and a half (1515 mm to be exact). When is folded, the P056 has 315mm height. The tripod is equipped with a revolving locking mode, to set the height we want. The tripod weight 882 grams and the size of the package is 33.5 x 9.5 x 9cm.


The KINGJOY P056 due to its design and construction can be set to take pictures or video with your camera at any terrain you like. With the 3-position Leg Angle Adjustment Sliding Lock that has, this can be reality. Using this mode, you can adjust each leg Angle Lock by selecting one position from three ones. If you want to carry it, all you have to do is to fold the tripod legs up 180° in order to become extremely compact for easy carrying and packing. With the 5-section telescopic tube design, you can adjust the height of the tube at the desirable number that is between 360mm to 1515mm. When it is folded the height is only 315mm. The impressive thing is the tripod can also be used as a selfie stick. The central tube can change length of the tube to take pictures as you like. The P056 also support reversible center column for close-up photography.


The KINGJOY P056 is a 2 to 1 combination of a tripod and of a selfie stick, depending for what one might need it. If you want to get steady pictures or video or need a selfie stick, Kingjoy P056 is the ideal choice. You will find it of course only at where they do know what an photographer might need. Don’t forget to use our coupon code IGEEK5 to get it at a lower price!


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