Review of the Lixada – A Two Wheel Folding Electric Scooter


Lixada is a two wheel electric scooter. It is equipped with a 250W powerful motor, which enables it to travel at a top speed of 30km per hour and 30km cruising distance on a single 3-4 hour fast charging. It is made out of reinforced aluminum so it can support for up to 117Kg weight. The LCD display can indicate speed, riding time, total distance and provides easy battery management. Lixada is equipped with super bright LED lights. These lights are designed for both safe riding and fashion. This scooter also has a horn to alert the pedestrian and enhances the safety. This scooter also can be folded easily in seconds, very convenient for storage and transport, really a fantastic and wonderful gift for anyone who loves traveling and outdoor activities.


Lixada has the usual design for a scooter. When is unfolded, the size is 102 x 14.5 x 105cm. Folded is 94 x 16 x 33cm. The scooter is light and weights 11.9kg.


Lixada the max weight that can take is 120kg. It can run up to 30km/h, a very good speed for moving in the city. If you have to go somewhere where is high, Lixada can climb up to 15 degree. Lixada features a 250W powerful motor, with which you can travel up to 30km away on a single 3-4 hours fast charging. Lixada features LCD display that shows you the current speed, riding time, total distance, battery remaining. If you want to move in the night, Lixada features super bright LED headlights. Lixada has 8” large wheels, that reduce vibrations on rough pavement, so you can move more smoothly. You can fold it in seconds to store it away. The battery that has is a rechargeable 8AH battery, that can last for a long time. Lixada has even a horn to alert pedestrians when passing by, so you wont hit someone by accident.


Lixada is equipped with a 8AH lithium battery. You will need about 3-4 hours to fully charge it. The motor power is 250W and can reach up to 700r/min as rotating speed. The output power is 250W with a maximum output torque of 13.3N.m.


Lixada looks to be a very good electrical scooter. Sure can handle person that are some kilograms more, with a very good speed and moving around for 3-4 hours. Very good if you care about the environment or you want to move in the city without any cost. You can get it at TomTop and you can use our 30usd OFF with the coupon code LQPFES30, so the final price will become $369.99.


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