Review of the Mi Band 3 – A succesfull continue of the Mi Band 2 (with real images/video and coupon to get it)!


I have Mi Band 2 from the very beginning. This is about 2.5 years. I have to say that I’m very pleased from it and I didn’t take it off nowhere. This means that I was wearing it in the shower, while swimming, everywhere. After 2.5 years it came the time to replace it with the new version of it, Mi Band 3. You will ask me, is it worth it to give about 30-35$ to take the new version if I have the Mi Band 2? I have made up my mind for this question, let’s see if you gonna agree with me…

Xiaomi Mi Band 3 was presented from the company on the 31st of May among other products (Mi 8, Mi 8 SE). It was a really long wait till it appeared and many people was anxious to see what will include. Two – three months before the official release, there where indexes in the mi fit of what would include. Also some pictures of it where released. Finally on the 31st when it appeared we understood that Xiaomi has managed it once again to make a really good wearable and will be a successful continue of the Mi Band 2!

The new Mi Band 3 has a 0.78″ OLED touch screen. It still has the main button but after that you must use the touch screen to surf around. The only problem was at the beginning the Chinese firmware that only had the Mi Band 3, but there are several solutions for that now which will show you further on.

Mi Band 3 comes in a completely different package from what Xiaomi has shown us, at least at Mi Band 2. Mi Band 2 back then was in a carbon box, now has a luxurious box with a see-through top from where you see the Mi Band 3. Under it you will find the band straps, the charger and a manual in Chinese.

The straps are of better quality of Mi Band 2, holding the Mi Band 3 more tighter. The dimensions of it are 24.70 x 1.79 x 1.20 cm, with the Wearable length to be 155-216 mm, the Band size 24.7 cm. The dial of Mi Band 3 has dimensions 3.2 x 1.79 x 1.2 cm and weights 0.0170 kg.

The Mi Band 3 has more features from the Mi Band 2 to show you. Except from the well know, Time, Date, Steps, Calories, Distance and Sleep, now it can show you Notifications, Weather for three days, you can change dials (contains three to choose), percentage of battery remaining, Stopwatch, Find Device and a About.

The Mi Band 3 is officially waterproof and can uphold up to 5 ATM pressure, so you officially this time don’t have problem with the shower or swimming or even diving! It contains a lithium polymer battery with 110 mAh capacity that can remain active up to 20 days. Knowing from Mi Band 2, I believe this number. You will need up to 2 hours to fully charge it.

Mi Fit with Mi Band 3 shows new menu that you will not see with Mi Band 2. The continuous heart beat measuring returned that appeared for 1-2 versions in Mi Band 2, it shows the place for weather, notifications can be set. First time when you pair Mi Band 3 with your Mi Fit, the app will show you some images how to react with your new wearable.

In case you use a specially modded version of Mi Fit which you can only find at the Greek site and not the official app from Playstore, you can have some extra features, that also appear and at Mi Band 2.

You also might have notice that in all my images I don’t have a Chinese menu. This is because I’m using a modded firmware for the Mi Band 3 that I found at GeekDoing. Rumors say that the latest beta version of Mi Fit might contain an English firmware, but I haven’t tried it to be honest as with the modded everything works fine.

Check also my video review

From what you see Mi Band 3 is a very good replacement of Mi Band 2, with much more features to check. I have to say, using it several days now that is a very good must and I’m happy that I replaced my old Mi Band 2. So where you can get it? The good thing is that all eshops have it now. You can find it at Coolicool for only 30.99$, at Banggood for only 31.00$ but for a little time if you use the coupon code:  7miba3nd  and at Gearbest the simple version at 33.59$ and the version with NFC that only there I have found it till now.

Update on Aug 8, 2018

Xiaomi Mi Band 3 coupon Code: miband3d at only $26.23 in HK Warehouse


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