Review of the Mini TV Handheld Retro 620 Video Game Console – Play up to 620 retro games at your TV. Grab it in Flash Sales from Gearbest! (w/ real images and video)


I’m sure that all of you that are about 30+, have played when you where small coin-up games at a store in your neighbour. At least this was I did when I was younger. Feeling a little retro and home-seek the other day, was searching how to play some of these games that I used to play and love. In my quest, Gearbest helped me a lot, as they had and still have in flash sales, a Mini TV Handheld Retro 620 Video Game Console.

The Mini TV Handheld Retro 620 Video Game Console contains up to 620 different games to play, games like Super Mario, Pacman, Tetris, Bubble-Bobble and many many more! My order came to me with post, fast and without to have to pay for customs. Opening the package, came across a rather big could say box. On the one side you can side the game console with the controls and on the other side you can see the huge list of the 620 games that you can play!

Inside the box you can find 1 x Retro Classic Gaming Console , 2 x Controllers , 1 x Power Supply and 1 x AV Cable. Connecting the mini game console is piece of cake. First you must be sure that your TV has AV ports, because you are going to need them to connect the game console to your TV. If you don’t have, Gearbest has the same model with HDMI, but at a higher price.

HDMI Classic 600 Games Consoles

In the version I got from Gearbest, all you have to do is connect the AV cable to your AV slot at your tv and at the game console, connect the power cable and power it up. At the front of the game console, you will see only two buttons. The right is the power button and the left is for resetting the menu.

Inside the package you will find a detailed manual in English, but I’m sure you wont need it!

After you have connected everything, you are ready to play….to play a lot!

You can check and my video review

I’m sure this review will bring back to you a lot of memories. So go over to Gearbest and grab the Mini TV Handheld Retro 620 Video Game Console for just 19.99$! But hurry up as this offer will continue for 10 more days!

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