Review of the S80 – A Super Mini Portable Digital Video Camcorder (Coupon included)


The S80 is a small, lightweight video camcorder that you can use in your car or during the night, since it supports nightvision shooting.


The S80 features 120° Wide Angle Lens. It comes at a black color. It has a USB slot under it and a button on the side for control. It can shoot video up to 1080p in 4:3 and the files is saved as AVI. It can take also a TF card with the maximum of 32GB. It cops without any problem with Window XP, 2003, Vista, 7, 10,Mac OS and Linux. The dimensions of the camera are 5.3 x 2 x 1.9cm and weights only 20g.


The S80 can provide to the final user 1080P video at 30FPS. The lens that has, feature the ability of 120° wide angle, giving a unique perspective of view. The camera features and microphone, so you can record and audio except from moving images, to make the perfect movie! It features motion detection function, set the camera in alarm mode and starting shooting video, so to keep record of the possible intruder. The camera can even see in the dark, since it is equipped with night vision, Since we are speaking for something so small, you can let it capture video from everywhere.


The S80 features a 3.7V 430mAh battery.The voltage needed for charging is DC 5V


The S80 is a very small, practical, easy to use camera. You can record at 1080 or take images of high quality. The S80 of course and I have found it at Don’t forget to use and our coupon code IGEEK5, in order the final price to fall down to $ 20.89


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