Review of the Shinecon VR 4.0 – A Virtual Reality 3D Glasses Headset for Mobile Smartphone with Gamepad


The Shinecon VR 4.0 is the 4th Gen VR Shinecon, continuing the good name of the previous versions, giving a new name to the 3D glasses, designed with exquisite workmanship, make it owns perfect appearance and structure.

The Shinecon VR 4.0 comes out only in black. At the front we find a cooling panel, that when is open can very effectively dissipate the heat created from your mobile. At the same time you can use the mobile’s camera if it is needed in a game. The padding on the plastic is made in a such way that you wont feel it, won’t feel any pressure and is very soft. The face padding is made with a breathable fabric covering a soft cushion. It is made in a such way that you can wear it for a long time and won’t bother you.

There is a focus adjustment knob on the top side of the glasses. On the side you will find an other knob that is used to adjust the object distance adjustment, used mainly from people with myopia, so they can watch what ever they want without the need of their glasses. At the sides at the back side of the glasses, it features independent design of bilateral surround sound cavity structure headset. This gives the ability to enjoy the 360 ° surround sound effects while watching video.

In case you have a call at your mobile while watching a movie or playing a game, it supports one-touch answer phone calling, which is very convenient for you to answer phone call without taking out the phone.The Shinecon VR 4.0 can be used with mobiles that have dimension between 3.5 – 5.5 inches. The whole design is very compact and easy to carry. It comes with dimensions 320 x 145 x 170mm.

The Shinecon VR 4.0 comes with a gamepad, ideal for controlling your VR glasses or for playing games with it at your android mobile. In order to operate well with your Shinecon VR 4.0, you will have to download the app from the link created from this QR code.

The Shinecon VR 4.0 is a really good 3D glasses, with many features. You can buy it at for only $46.99!


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