Review of the Super Mini Cube 360 Panorama Video Camcorder (Coupon included)


The Super Mini Cube 360 Panorama Video Camcorder is a 360° x 190° panoramic camera, that can shoot video or take images with a 360° wide view.


The Super Mini Cube 360 has a almost cube design, with a yellow color on the top and dark grey at the bottom. It features TF Card slot that can take up to 32GB SD card. The camera has a standard 1/4″ Screw Hole, that can be used to connect it with a gimbel or other compatible devices. Because of its small design, is ideal for taking it with you in a journey.


The Super Mini Cube 360 camera features a 360° wide view shootings and videos for you. The camera can shoot video up to 720p. It supports different preview modes like Spherical Panorama, Spherical Panorama, Flat Panorama, Fisheye. With the built-in wifi, you can connect the camera to your mobile, and control from there the camera or see what you are shooting at or taking pictures in real time. You can continue recording while you are charging the camera, so the action won’t be missed. Because of the specs and design, is ideal for outdoor activities, either extreme or with friends and family.  The video that are created are in TS format and for compression is used the H.264 format.


The Super Mini Cube 360 camera comes with a 1300mAh battery that will give you many hours of use. And don’t forget that you charge the camera and shoot video at the same time.


The Super Mini Cube 360 is the ideal camera for fantastic 360 images or video. Never lose a happy moment and excite them all! You can find the camera at of course, where the specialize in photography. So if you want to get the camera, don’t forget to use our coupon code IGEEK5, in order the final price to drop down to $56.04.


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