Review of the U01 and U02 Smart Wristband (Coupons included)


U01 and U02 are two smart wristbands that have minor differences between them. Both of them are Mi Band 2 clones with many features and try to reach the original as close as possible, but will they make it?


The U01 comes with the ability of a Bluetooth 4.0 connection. The U01 is waterproof with an IP rating of 67. The screen is OLED and yes is touchable. The shape of the screen is rectangle. The case is made out of Aluminium and the band is made out of TPU. The dimensions of the dial are 4 x 3 x 1 cm. The size of the band is 23 x 3 cm and weights only 0.030 kg. The U01 comes out in BLACK, LAKE BLUE, CELADON, SWEET ORANGE and YELLOW.

The U02 on the other hand, comes also with Bluetooth 4.0 connection. It is also waterproof for daily use only and is also equipped with a touchable OLED screen. The shape of the screen is rectangle. The case is made out of ABS and the band out of TPU. The size of the dial is 3.6 x 1.8 x 1.2 cm and the size of the band came out to be 23 x 1.2 cm. The weight of the U002 is 0.014 kg. The U02 comes out in BLACK, DARKSALMON, YELLOW, LAKE BLUE and CELADON.


The U01 features Bluetooth calling with phone call reminder. Features also messaging with message reminder
to be included. For Health tracker, keeps track as an Pedometer and Sleep monitor. Supports also notifications, anti-lost mode, alarm modes. It alerts through vibrations.

The U02 on the other hand, it also has Bluetooth calling with phone call reminder and a message reminder. As a health tracker it also tracks as a Pedometer, Sleep monitor, Remote control function. In case of alarm, it vibrates.


Both and U01 and U02 come with a built in 40mAh Li-polymer Battery. Both need about 2 hours in order to fully charge U01 can last in standby 15 days, when the U02 lasts about 7 days.


Both smart wristbands U01 and U02 have some good features to have in mind as they are waterproof. As a second choice for replacing a Mi Band 2 are not bad. I have found them at Gearbest and shipping of them starts between Feb 13 – Feb 19. For the U01 Smart Wristband use the coupon code GB9%, so the final price to drop down to $10.30 and for the U02 Smart Wristband the coupon code GB9% so the final price also to drop down to $10.56.


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