Review of the Viulux V1 VR Headset – Some Virtual Reality Fully Compatible 3D Glass


The Viulux V1 VR Headset are what the name says, VR headset, fully compatible, with integrated screen display and very beautiful design.

The VIULUX V1 VR 3D PC headset feature 5.5 inch screen, which have 1080P FHD resolution with amazing outcome. The FOV is at 110 degrees and include dual 42mm large lens. Due to the 9-axis sensor that features, reduce a lot dizziness and improve reality.

You can watch movies without any glasses if you have under 0 – 400 degree myopia. The PU leather at the front, will help you feel ok, even after a lot of hours wearing it and all the time you will feel no pressure. Due to the ventilation holes, you can easily dissipate the heat created when watching a movie. The Viulux V1comes with a power cable for energy.

The length of the power cable is about 235cm. The Viulux V1 are very gamer friendly, with robust quality. You will need a pc with min configuration of I5 CPU and 960 or above display card, to work without any problem.The Viulux V1 are made out of ABS and PU leather and they weight about 0.560kg

The Viulux V1 VR Headset are some very good VR headset. They come with a very good display and some really vivid colors to display. The specs of the headset are more than good. You can checkout the VR at Lightinthebox, where I found it for only $286.99!


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