Review of the Wewow Sport X1 Wearable Single Axis Stabilizer (Coupon included)


The Wewow Sport X1 is a single axis stabilizer, that you can use it with your mobile or your camera. You can wear it or place it at almost anywhere you think fit, such as on your bike/helmet/car. Maximum opening distance 7.5cm, it well fits for most action camera and smartphones.


The Wewow Sport X1 is made out of durable plastic and ABS. It has a built-in battery of 550mAh Lithium, in order to keep your camera or mobile steady. It can work under any circumstances, like 5% – 95% humidity, -10℃ ~ +40℃ temperature. It has an IP54 ingress protection and is compatible for any kind of camera or mobile with screen up to 5.5″ screen display. The dimensions of the Wewow Sport X1 are 6.4 x 7.3 x 8.5cm and weights 190g.


The Wewow Sport X1 as we have mentioned at the beginning, features a single axis stabilizer with electronic anti-shake function, that help the mobile or the camera to take the most steady and clear images or video. The Sport X1 has 2 modes that can be set, depending if we have connected our mobile or a camera. The level 1 stability is for the action camera, when the level 2 stability is for our mobile. You can place the Wewow Sport X1 literally almost everywhere. It can be fixed on a handgrip, a helmet, bicycle, car like an action camera. For the record, mounting bases are not included. The maximum opening distance is 7.5 cm. It comes with a padded carrying bag, portable for you to carry and store.


The Wewow Sport X1 is a very good, portable, light one axis stabilizer. You can easily use it with your camera or your mobile. I have found it of course at, where they know what does a photographer needs. You can order it and if you use our coupon code WEWOW33, you will have 33% OFF from the final price!


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