Review of the XiaoBaiMa XBM-55 – A Racing Quadcopter (Coupon included)


XiaoBaiMa XBM-55 is a brand new racing quadcopter equipped with altitude hold, WiFi FPV, a 2MP camera, waypoint mode, multiple speed modes, and autotakeoff/land. XiaoBaiMa XBM–55 RC quadcopter allows you to fly more freely and safely from many other racing quadcopters.

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XiaoBaiMa XBM-55 looks beautiful when is put together, sleek, without extra junk and has a nice color scheme of blue and white, like the sky. The landing legs are built into the quad and it seems like it has an internal battery from the pictures which if true could be a downside since you can’t charge multiple batteries. The drone is made out of Plastic and Electronic components. Weights just 0.415kg and it’s dimensions are 30.0 x 22.0 x 6.0cm (body without fan size). Ideal for Beginners Level and should be use from kids that are above 14 years old.

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XiaoBaiMa XBM-55 can be controlled using only the application from your mobile. If you wish to have and altitude hold this features is much more useful, since not only do you have the controls on your mobile screen, you also have a gyroscope mode which lets you tilt your phone to control pitch/roll AND a waypoint mode that lets you draw on the screen to move the quadcopter. Video is recorded from the 2MP camera found at the front place of the drone, at 720p to a microSD card in your drone rather than to your phone. The video resolution is 720 x 1080.

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By this way you have superior video quality and no signal interference on your video. The WiFi FPV streams video right to your phone screen. By this way it is like you’re the eyes of this quadcopter and you see what it sees. Latency sometimes can be an issue when you are using WiFi FPV but with the included altitude hold feature, the extra delay is no problem and still allows you to fly without any problem. Camera is set at a fixed angle so you’ll always be getting a view of directly in front of you, something helpful and with the WiFi FPV. Altitude hold uses a built-in barometer to understand the air pressure and automatically adjust the needed throttle to keep a stable altitude. This is a great thing to have specially when recording video,  since by this way you can forget having to adjust needed throttle and just maintain your focus on recording.

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The drone is capable of following your commands, no matter how complex the path isHeadless mode and one key return are pretty basic features on every quadcopter these days. Headless allows you to fly in any direction regardless of your orientation and one key return will (attempt) to fly back to you. The transmitter may seem a little bit strange at first but when you start using it you will understand how useful it is, since the phone holder is adjustable allowing you to fit pretty much any phone for viewing the FPV. The remote control uses 2.4GHz Wireless and has 4-Channels.

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XiaoBaiMa XBM-55 is equipped with a 3.7V 800mAh battery (with protection board). It has a flying time of 6 – 8 minutes and a charging time of 120 minutes.

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The XiaoBaiMa XBM 55 looks like a pretty good racing quadcopter with WiFi FPV capability and altitude hold. Using the features mentioned above, you can easily fly it and shoot video. You can order it from Gearbest and if you use our coupon RC18OFF, it will become yours at the unique low price of $58.29!


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