Review of the Xiaomi Backpack with a simple preppy style (with real photos and video and coupon)


I have mention it and before and I guess many of you know how much Xiaomi fan I am. Because of this before two days received from Geekbuying a very good Xiaomi Backpack to take it with me when I go to the company I work as a doctor. I have to admit the bag is of high quality and very well made. So let us see from close if it is really that good that I’m saying.

The bag came to me in a very well protected package. The backpack is made out of 100% durable of high quality plastic, but gives the sense of something very well at a high price! The backbag is tall so can take a lot of things. If you take notice the pictures, you will see that the inside space is divided in two sections, one very big and one small for papers mainly. At that same place you can easily place a 14inch display notebook. You can hold it by hand, have it on your shoulder or wear it on your back.

Inside the bag we will find the well known small bag that is for moisture with the Mi logo on it. Outside of the bag we can also find a small label with the Mi logo on it on the one side and various info about the bag on the other side.

The bag as you can see is very durable and stable as design and construction. The backbag comes out in red and blue, but I liked the blue color so I picked this one from Geekbuying.

I have bought the Xiaomi Backbag from Geekbuying. Watch the video review below and if you want too to get it, don’t forget to use the coupon code xiaomifans2, so the final price will reduce by 1.66$ and will become in the end only 31,63$!


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