Review of the Xiaomi Waterproof 360 Electric Razor with Three Knife Head – A gadget all men should have to look pretty! (With images and video)


Life is not having an awesome mobile and a lot of gadgets. Life also means to look and feel good. Xiaomi has made an gadget that helps you with that, looking good and feeling well of course. What is this gadget…the latest Xiaomi Waterproof 360 Electric Razor with Three Knife Head. Since I’m a big fan of the company and a man that must look good for it patients at the hospital and my private cabinet, looking good is an essential part of my everyday life.

The Xiaomi electric razor came to me with post and no customs of course to pay. Opening the protective box, inside there was a big white box, with luxurious paper. On the top of the box you will see an image of the Xiaomi razor…

…while on the back you can read all specs of the razor and what features has.

Inside the box you will find the Xiaomi razor, the charging base, a manual in Chinese and a brush for cleaning the razors. The dimensions of the razor itself is 154 x 36 x 58 mm.

The manual that is included in the package, is very detailed, but in Chinese. The use of the razor is simple, all you need to know from the manual is the travel locking mode, where the start button is locked from accidental starting the razor. By this way the blades won’t get damaged. The brush might also be handy sometimes, but I till now haven’t used it, since with water the blades are well cleaned. Nevertheless you never know, so keep in close if you need it.

I have to admit that the Xiaomi razor is really very good. I, before the Xiaomi razor, was using the traditional blades Gillette Max 3 and I was satisfied. So I was skeptical how good the Xiaomi razor would be. The good thing is that after the first use I was more than satisfied with the final result. The Xiaomi razor features a MABUCHI MOTOR 260. The motor ensures is strong enough to ensure a smooth shaving, continuous and with no pinches.

The blades are made with the ability of a 360° movement. They feature a double-blade knife head, so you can have the best ever shave. The blades adjust to your facial curves and shave thorough and shorter. With the JFE & SANDVIK high-quality steel and ECM electrochemical machining process, you will keep longer the blades and no rousing will appear on your face. You must have also in mind that the Xiaomi razor features IPX7 degree waterproof, so don’t be afraid to use it under the water to clean it.

The Xiaomi razor features two modes: Standard and Accelerated. With the Standard mode an everyday beard can be shaved without any problem. But if you have harder hair and a big beard, then you will need the Accelerated mode, where the speed can reach up to 3.9 m/sec and can clean better. The grip features special painting the leaves no stains from the fingers and holding it is steady.

The Xiaomi razor charges wireless. The charging base features a USB, which you can connect it to a power-bank, PC or wall adapter. The power of the battery of the Xiaomi razor can last up to 60 min. This translates to about 30 times shaving, which is a very good number. After that you will need about 2 hours to fully charge the battery.

You can check also the video review that I have maid for you

The Xiaomi razor is a very good razor. After a month use, I can say that is shaves very good and deep. It’s a gadget that every man should have for looking good. You can get it either from Banggood for 56.39$ if you use our coupon affiliate6 or you can get it from Gearbest for only 44.99$ where is in flash sales.

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