Review of the Xiaomi WiFi Router with built-in 1TB HDD for Home & Office (Coupon included)


Xiaomi is one of the best known companies in China and worldwide. The company is well known for its mobiles and gadgets. One of the series of gadgets that Xiaomi has released are the routers. The company started with the xiaomi mini router, then young, 2 models that include HDD and Mi Wifi 3. Gearbest brought for us to see, test and use the version with the HDD, the Xiaomi WiFi Router with built-in 1TB HDD for Home & Office. This router is 3 times faster! Supports the latest 802.11ac protocol, with the top router processor Broadcom BCM4709. Xiaomi concurrent dual band router highest data transfer rate of up to 1167Mbps. Equipped with a Broadcom dual-core CPU and Micron / Samsung 256MB large memory, can support stable high-speed downloads, document literacy, pre-load, network acceleration, as well as a wealth of plug-in applications, perfect play 1TB capacity hard drive performance.



The Xiaomi router looks like a standing book. With the dimensions of 120mm x 64mm x 168mm, you couldn’t say it is small. Colored in black, we see that it has gaps for the heat. Also it is designed like that that you can change the HDD inside it. At the back we see 2 WAN ports at 10/100/1000Mbps. There is also a USB 2.0 interface and a built-in Antenna.



This Xiaomi Mi Wi-Fi Wireless Router is a media server and is powered by a Broadcom dual core A9 processor clocking at 1 GHz, coupled with 256 MB of DDR3 RAM and also has 1 TB of hard drive for storage. This device acts as a Smart home centre that controls home appliances, TV’s, Audio devices, AC’s, IP cameras, lights etc. This Xiaomi Mi Wi-Fi Wireless Router connects devices automatically via NFC (Near Field communication) just by tapping them to the router. The device supports the remote app with the Android and iOS devices. This device will be giving 2x faster web browsing speeds with the Sogou browser engine. You can download video content and movies remotely with the pre loaded Xunlei. The Wireless Router has user programmable smart rules for handling and controlling all the home appliances easily. The device will be featuring OpenWRT – based Operating system with updates rolling out weekly for it. The device has an open plug architecture and SDK so we can expect its developers to come out with many new use cases.


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The Xiaomi WiFi Router with built-in 1TB HDD for Home & Office only that it features a 1TB of HDD is a major plus for the router. The 1TB is more than enough for storing files, and have enough capacity to download 1000 HD movies, store 40,000 songs or keep 100,000 RAW format photos. THe router is in preorder state at Gearbest, but still if you use our coupon code: COXMWR, you will be able to preorder it at a much lower price and for only 128.99$ will be yours!


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