Review of the Xiaomi YI A12 – A Full HD Car Smart Dash Camera


Many people, when the camera came out before some months, thought that the Xiaomi YI A12 is an other version of the Yi action camera. But of course this is wrong, as we are speaking for a dash camera, which can be used for recording while you drive a car. You will like many useful features of this camera. This camera is also small and convenient to use.

The Xiaomi YI A12 is made out of hard and durable plastic. On the back we can find a 2.7″ LCD display with 4 buttons. The buttons are used for basic operations, like changing settings and playback. For more advanced settings, you will have to use the app that comes with the camera, from your mobile. The app connects with the camera via WiFi. From the app, which is in English, you can change everything. The camera comes with a dual connector for the cigarette lighter of the car, so you can use the one cable for the Yi A12 and the other for charging your mobile.

The camera is not equipped with a built-in GPS, which in some cases would be handy. I guess because of the lack of it, the price is so low! Yes the camera costs almost the half of other similar camera like Garmin Dash Cam 35.

The Yi A12 is equipped with wide lens with 165º degrees of view and F1.8, so it can shoot images and video even in the dark. The lens are 12.0MP CMOS. It can shoot video at 1920p at 30fps or 60fps. The camera features and a card slot for up to 64GB for saving your video and images. Take under consideration that you will need a class 10 card here.


The camera also features two special systems which are meant to help you in the driving and avoiding car accidents. Both systems are working under the ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems). The one feature is the LDWS (Lane Departure Warning System), which informs the driver in case he gets out of his lane so he wont hit other cars and the FSS (Forward-Sensing System) which alerts for the probability of a car impact according to the data that gets from its sensors.

The Yi A12 comes with a built-in rechargeable 240mAh battery. Unfortunately you cannot change the battery, but the camera as long is connected to the car charger, works fine. The camera is really very small and comes with 7.4cm × 1.94cm × 5.24cm dimensions and 74g weight. The Xiaomi Yi A12 comes out in grey and you can find it at a very low price and for only $53.59 at the Lightinthebox.


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