Review of the Yepo 737s – An Apple MacBook Air imitation (With real photo/video and coupon included)


Many people outside China believe that Chinese products are most of the times either of low quality or very bad imitations of well known companies. Now in smartphones and gadgets we have seen samples that are not found in well known companies in the western world. But in notebooks things are a little bit different. Big Chinese companies like Lenovo have new things to show to us, like the new Lenovo Yoga. But smaller companies that try to make an entrance in this market, what must they do!? Yepo is one of these companies that only recently presented to us their latest Notebook, the Yepo 737S. The company was founded back on 1998 and is more popular in the tablet market. So the YEPO 737S can be though to be the first attempt to enter the Notebook market. The 737S could say that looks very much to the  Apple MacBook Air, but is it that good or is just an other cheap clone!? The 737S came to me from Gearbest, in order to see that we should change the way we see Chinese products


The Yepo 737s came to me really very fast from China with SF Chronopost from Gearbest (you must choose EU Express). This service includes avoid paying customs, so I suggest to choose it. The Notebook came inside a well protected box from thick paper. Inside it was the main box of the notebook. The main box has an image on the notebook on both front sides and the specs on the sides of the box.


When opening the box, we see inside it well protected in bubbles the notebook, a small manual in English and a charger. Unboxing, first boot and a various of info and tests you can see at the extended video demonstration I have at the end of this article.

The Yepo 737s lead is made out of plastic but it looks like it is from metal. The bottom part of the notebook is made out of metal, so all the heat must be coming out from there. 4 legs from rubber let the notebook to have a small height above the ground and let the air circulate. The notebook is very thin and very light! It features 2 x USB 2.0 ports, a mic hole, mini hdmi, SD card slot and for power. All are on each side of the notebook and nothing is on the back. Due to this, the notebook can open widely almost at 180 degrees, something that we don’t meet too often.


The Yepo 737S weights only 1250 grams which makes it very light and it’s dimensions are 33.50 x 22.50 x 1.80 cm.


The Yepo 737S under the hood comes with a Intel Cherry Trail Z8300 clocked at 1.44GHz, with 2MB caching. For graphics card has a integrated Intel HD Graphics with 1024MB memory. The CPU is 14nm technology with a power consumption of 2.2W. The Notebook has also 4GB DDR3L RAM and 128GB EMMC internal storage. As you will see in the video, the Internal storage is divided in 2 parts C and D. C is of 26GB and the rest is D. This is good because in case you want to do a format at your Notebook, you want loose anything if everything is saved or moved to the D partition of the hard drive. The Hard drive is made from Samsung. Also don’t forget that there is an an expansion option up to 256GB via the SD card slot. Further info you can watch in the video where you see details from Systems and CPU-Z. The notebook comes with a legitimate trial version of Windows 10, in English. When you start the 737S, there is a pop-up message that you should activate windows. To do so you must have your own legitimate key to do so. You can install any language that you like to write with. You will see that in the video I activated my Windows 10 with my key and installed successfully Greek.



This Yepo 737S features a 13.3-inch screen at a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. This means you can have Full HD performance. It also has a 178 degrees of visual angle as we have mentioned and before. I guess you cannot compare this screen with the one at the Apple MacBook Air, since it carries a 1,440 x 900 pixel screen. The display is IPS, with TN techonology, giving very vivid colors and a great displaying performance. The TN is an old technology, comes with the name Twisted Nematic, that provides the shortest response time, which can be good when playing games. In the video below I have installed Modern Combat 5: Blackout and you will see that the video and the response time is very good! TN displays also provide higher brightness and draw less power.



The Yepo 737S features a 0.3MP camera above the screen display. The camera uses an Lenovo application to work, seems to follow you around when moving and can take relatively good images. Very useful in case you want to speak with someone through Skype. For connectivity, the 737S connects to 2.4 GHz wifi connections only, as it didn’t manage to see my 5.0 GHz connection from my Xiaomi router 3. Features also BT 4.0 for connecting with other devices, 2 x USB 2.0 Host, Mini HDMI slot, DC Jack and a 3.5mm Headphone Jack as we have said. In the video you can see a transfer test from my usb 2.0 stick to the hard drive to test it. You will see that is stable between 13.5-14.5 MB/s



The Yepo 737S is equipped with a 8000mAh Lithium-ion polymer battery capable of keeping the laptop charged up to 5-6 hours when using normally, up to 11 hours of listening to music, up to 12 hours of web browsing, and up to 13 hours of watching videos. 


Video demonstration

Unboxing and first boot

Yepo 737s, full review with cpuz, tests and game testing part 1

Yepo 737s, full review with cpuz, tests and game testing part 2


The Yepo 737S might be a imitation of the Apple MacBook Air, but this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take it under consideration. From the specs and from the video demonstration, you see that we are speaking for a very good notebook at a very good price. And to make it even better, we have for all of you a special coupon , the YEPOES, with which you will be able to take the version of 4GB/128GB that I reviewed here at the price of $201.99. And if you want to spent less money, then there is the YEPO 737S 4GB/64GB, which is in flash sales right now for November 11 and you will be able to buy it for only $184!

Update on Sept.14, 2017:  here is coupon code: YEPO   at $169.99 for 50 units YEPO 737S Z8350 version


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