Review of the YONGNUO YN308 – A Bi-Color Temperature Wireless Remote LED Ring (Coupon included)


The YONGNUO YN308 is the ideal add-on for perfect portrait, selfies or items that need light. YONGNUO YN308 is a new way to give light where is needed specially for live show and selfies. The YN308 adopts extra-large, annular and frame-less appearance design. The YN308 supports dual power, that is capable to cover up all kinds of shooting requirements.


The YONGNUO YN308 in order to do the perfect lightening for selfies, portraits or shows, has a circular design. On this circular design we will find 304 LED lamp beads. The color temperature that reach is 3200K~5500K and the rendering index is above 95. The luminance angle is set to 55°, with 2356LM lumen. The average service life is about 50000 hours. To YN308 has a remote control to set variations in the shooting. In order to control correctly, the YN308 must not be further away of 15 meters. The size of the YONGNUO YN308 is about 53 x 50 x 2.7cm and weights about 837 grams.


The YONGNUO YN308 with the special design that has and the specific control of the lights, you can make more beautiful specific characteristics, like the eyes. In order to protect your eyes from the continues use of the light, the YN308 features a specific blue light filtering. You can use the YN308 even with batteries, so you can use it anywhere you like. YN308 adopts double mains input, which supports batteries of NP-F series and external DC main of 8V and 5A. This helps and the big chip and the high CRI LED light source, that uses low energy consumption with high brightness.


The YONGNUO YN308 is the ideal accessory for the perfect shots of selfies and portraits. With it you wont have any dark areas and your object will be lightened up perfectly. Of course, such a professional proposal could come only from an eshop that know, and that is non other than So go over to their site to order it, but don’t forget to use our coupon code IGEEK5, in order to get it at a much lower price!


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