Review of the Zidoo X7 TV Box (real images and video review included)


I was searching for a good TV Box for my home and since I already have a Zidoo X6 Pro and I’m very pleased from it, went to find an other Zidoo. My search end up in the Zidoo X7 tv box, a brand new tv box with very good specs!

The Zidoo X7 came to me very well protected! Opening the package, came across a luxurious white box, with the image of the X7 on it and the sign of the X7 with the Zidoo logo on the upper right corner. At the sides of the box, where printed signal of the features that Zidoo X7 has.

Opening the box, came across two small boxes. The upper box contained the Zidoo X7 Tv box, inside a protective package.

Opening the upper box, we find the Zidoo X7 inside it, as I said in a protective bag. The Zidoo X7 is a very nice look black box. The upper part has a protective membrane to keep it safe from scratches. Look at the sides, we see that it features 1 x USB3.0, 2 x USB2.0 (remember that if the connected USB HDD is over 1TB, you will need external power for it), 1 x HDMI Standard HDMI 2.0a@60hz, 1 x RJ45 (up to 100M), 1 x TF card slot, 1 x AV, 1 x DC in and 1 x SPDIF. At the front side of the X7, we see a panel, where a blue or a red light will light up, if it is on or off and connected with the power. Under the X7, we will see a  lot of gaps, so heat can get out. The presence of the USB 3.0 slot was really a shock, as I didn’t expect at a mid-range tv box, such a luxury! Bravo for that to Zidoo!

Opening the second box, we will find all the rest. And what are these…a remote controller, the power adapter, an HDMI cable and a user manual in English. For the remote controller, you will have to insert 2 AAA batteries, which are not included. The manual is very detailed and can help you if you have any problem.You will also find two cards which are for guarantee.

Powering up the Zidoo X7, you will come across the new UI of the Zidoo family. The new UI is simpler, easier to use and helps you better to set up the X7.

The new Zidoo X7 come with the new quad core ROCKCHIP 3328 with Cortect A53 @ up to 1.5GHz and for the graphic, the Mali-450MP2 will do all the hard work easily! For memory the X7 has 2GB DDR3 RAM memory and 8GB eMMC internal storage, which can be expanded with the TF card for an other 64GB. The good thing is that uses Android 7.1, so the 8GB that might seem little to some, it can really get expanded. It features dual WiFi connectivity with 2.4GHz and 5GHz and 100M Ethernet connection. As for connecting with other devices, you will need the BT 4.1 that supports. I connected my BT wireless mouse that I have, without any problem.

The X7 comes with preinstalled Google Playstore and Kodi 16.1 as ZDMC. The tests I did with some files where most with very good results. So the HD Audio pass-through was successful, mainly due to the Android 7. 4K video where very good played, but have in mind that only the external video player that has, supports HDR video files and not through ZDMC. The bad thing is that the external video player, doesn’t support HD audio, so a downmix to stereo is performed by the program. Video with FHD played perfectly. 4K video files from the USB 3.0 slot, played without any problem,

All these you can see them at the two following video, unboxing and review of the Zidoo X7.

As you can see the new Zidoo X7 is a very good TV Box. It has features that we find in high-range tv boxes and not in mid-range like the X7. You can get the new Zidoo X7 form Zidoo site or their Amazon store as well!


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