Review of Walkera VITUS 320 A Foldable Augmented Reality Drone with 3 axis Gimbal !


Today we have a very capable RC Quadcopter in “this week’s picks “ the new Walkera VITUS 320 which has an Augmented Reality Feature, 3 axis  Gimbal and an HD camera. It has been a while since we say a major launch from the veteran drone company.

The drone features a very unique foldable design which shows off the engineering prowess of this brand. It has a strong and long main body with Airframe design. It is intelligently designed in order make it ultra portable while not losing any of the essential features, the aircraft arms, landing gears and propellers can be folded. It has a kind of long and lean body around which the arms and rotors wrap forming a shape that is comparable to  water bottle. Its smart move from Walkera and serves the purposes well.

The Vitus rc drone is a beast and is on par with the RC Drones when you look at its specs, it has a four powerful motors for smooth propulsion.  The motors are of brushless type and it has Dual GPS i.e GPS/GLONASS. It has no less than 4 flight modes, pick which suits you the best. Then we have a 6 axis gyro and 5.8Ghz WiFi FPV. It has a precise 3 axis Gimbal with 0-90º pitch.  Coming to photography this drone packs a top notch Sony:1/2.3″ CMOS Sensor with a 12MP resolution. The lens has a FOV of 85° at 4.4MM with f/2.8 aperture size, further it has an ISO Scope of 100-12800 with E-shutter 1/30-1/8000. The max Photo resolution is 4000×3000(12MP), 3840×2160(8MP), and you can record videos with resolution UHD: 3840×2160(4k) 30fps and FHD: 1920×1080 30fps/60fps.

The Walkera Vitus is a very fun gadget too because you get a custom AR i.e Augmented Reality App with it,  using which you can play virtual aur augmented reality games anywhere you want. It has a range of selected games you can play and have fun on a casual weekend. The transmitter you get is Devo F8S transmitter with Stick Mode, with 2200mAh battery and a range of upto 1500m in open.

The  Walkera VITUS 320 is premium gadget with all the necessary features and some exotic ones like the AR games. It has top notch imagery equipment and a strong design. It also has a 11.4V 5200mAh LiPobattery giving you a flight time of about 25min. You can get this awesome piece of gadget here at Walkera VITUS 320 Starlight RC Drone at $957.79 to Use 220 points and Coupon code: HTY70VX


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