Review of Xiaomi Redmi 4X VS Meizu M5S, Which $100 Budget Phone is on Your Top 1 To-Buy List?


With smartphones developing, the competition among different kinds of Chinese smartphone manufacturers have become more and more fierce, especially price war. Today we have chosen two most popular budget smartphones, Redmi 4X and Meizu M5S, we believe you have hard decision between two smartphones. So we will make comparison review between Redmi 4X and Meizu M5S to let you know which one is worthwhile to buy first.


Redmi 4X has sensor on the top and speaker at the bottom with symmetrical design and sleek body. Other elements are similar to Redmi smartphones.

Redmi 4X has 5 inch 720P screen, 2.5D curved glass, there are three standard Android virtual buttons, but they are lack of backlight, which is not convenient to use in the dark environment.

Redmi 4X uses fingerprint scanner on the back with three step metal design, T groove craftsmanship, the metal and body have very little color difference.

But Meizu M5S is larger a little with 5.2 inch 720P screen, black frame controls well. The overall design still continues Meizu traditional design, and there is fingerprint scanner, 2.5D glass on the front design.

In its body, Meizu M5S adopts three metal design and high gloss T type style. But in flash light and camera, they are different from those of Redmi 4X. It has some curved degree with comfortable holding feel.

Although different person has different taste for beauty, we prefer the design of Redmi 4X. It’s up to you.


Redmi 4X VS Meizu M5S

In Antutu test, both haven’t got outstanding scores, but Redmi 4X has got 5,000 points higher than Meizu M5S, the main difference is in 3D performance. The overall performance is not big.

In 3DMark test, Redmi 4X has got 9515 points, Meizu M5S with 7201 points. So we can see the game performance of Snapdragon 435 is a little better than MT6753, because MT6753 GPU has lower specs.

In real game experience, they both don’t have very good performance, they can only play small games with quite fluency. When playing large games, they may happen to the stuck situation. After all they sell at less that 700 yuan, $100.


Right now more and more users have long time dependency on their smartphone, it is very awkward that your phone is out of power. So many manufacturers will improve their battery on their phone. According to using habits, we test this two smartphones in 4 hour daily use.

Redmi 4X VS Meizu M5S Battery Life

After four hours, Redmi 4X has 63% left power, Meizu M5S only has 41%, so Redmi 4X has longer battery life than Meizu M5S.

Redmi 4X VS Meizu M5S Charging Speed

In power charging, Meizu adopts quick charge, couple with 3,000mAh battery, the charging speed of Meizu M5S is faster than Redmi 4X. In real test, Redmi 4X only charges full in 170 minutes, but Meizu M5S only takes 90 minutes.


Meizu M5S Camera

As a 100usd budget phone, Redmi 4X and Meizu M5S don’t have much advantage in their camera, they both use 13MP camera, supporting PDAF. But they have a little difference, Redmi 4X has f/2.0 aperture, Meizu M5S has f/2.2 aperture. So what’s main difference in photographing effect?

Redmi 4X Camera

Under enough light environment, they have very obvious performance. Redmi 4X has more vivid color, the flower has richer color full of level. But Meizu M5S has saturated color, lack of level, the saturated color has hided much details.

Under the dark light, they have big gap, the strong dark light enhancement of Redmi 4X makes the image more colorful and bright, although it can’t control noise well. However, Meizu M5S performs worse, low image brightness, color white balance and worse image quality.

In conclusion, both of them have big gap in photographing, but they can meet your daily needs. According to comparison, we prefer Redmi 4X, especially in dark light, it has more advantages than Meizu M5S.


Redmi 4X and Meizu M5S have their own advantages and disadvantages, Redmi 4X wins over Meizu M5S in camera and performance, but Meizu M5S has faster charging speed, as for design, it is up to your taste, if you are into a higher performance smartphone with better camera, Redmi 4X can be your better choice, otherwise, Meizu M5S can help you charge very faster. Right now it sells Redmi 4X only at $115.99 with 54% off and Meizu M5S 3GB at  $157.99. Hurry up!

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