Review: Origem HS-3 – Check these waterproof Bluetooth earphones now with 30% from their Amazon store!


Having Bluetooth earphones is many times necessary as by this way you can have your hands free to use them. Also, having Bluetooth earphones is necessary if you are driving, if you are cycling, jogging, etc. So having some Bluetooth earphones are always handy and good to have. I was send from Origem their latest Bluetooth creation, the Origem HS-3, a set of earphones that are waterproof, with a very nice look I have to say, with DSP audio algorithm and true voice recognition.

The Origem HS-3 where send to me from their Amazon store. They have in USA and Europe, so in the end will have and coupons from them for 30% OFF. Opening the package from the post office came across a rather big box for earphones! At the top side of the box you could see the earphones, with the HS-3 to dominate at the tops part of the box and the Origem logo at the top right side and at the bottom side to be mentioned all the specs that makes the HS-3 to differ from all other Bluetooth earphones of the market.

The box closes with a magnet, so to be firmly closed, Opening the box you see above, you will find inside apart from the Origem HS-3 earphones, a very nice hard carry case with a zipper. Inside the carry case you will find a micro USB charging cable that you will need to charge the battery of the earphones and 4 pair ear tips. Further inside you will find a worry-free 18-month warranty and a friendly customer service.

Origem HS-3 come with a powerful 10mm graphene driver. They also support DSP audio algorithm through the CSR8675 chip. With the help of the algorithm, the earphones can detect the sound pressure of the listening environment and volume. The sound that comes out then from the earphones is balanced due to the ISO226 Equal Loudness, delivering fullness of sound with detailed highs, crystal clear mids, powerful bass and excellent soundstage. What I liked very much was the true voice recognition that the HS-3 have. With the use of the mic and without using my hands, the Google assistant was activated to me and through him I could control my mobile. This was very cool I have to admit and could help you a lot in difficult situations. From the mic you can also control the calls and the music that you listen with the buttons that has.

An other cool feature that I liked at the Origem HS-3 was the earhook that has. Made from nickel-titanium, you are sure to love it! Using it makes sure your earphones won’t fell off whatever you do! The earhooks will fit in any ear, so to stay there. The earphone is fine-tuned with the angle of 120 degrees and with the four pairs of eartips you can choose the correct one for you to use. As I told you before, inside the hard carry case you will find a micro USB cable to charge the battery of the earphones. The 3.7V rechargeable lithium polymer battery will fully charge in 40 minutes and you will have for 6 hours use. IF you are in a hurry, 10 minutes of charging can keep alive the Origem HS-3 for 2 hours! Don’t forget also that they support IPX5 water-resistant rating nano-coating, so you don’t have to worry about sweat or rain when running, cycling, doing your workout.

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As you can see and in our video review, the Origem HS-3 is a pair of Bluetooth earphones that you must have. I myself have enjoyed them very much during my review and I recommend them for sure. If you agree with me, I can recommend you to get it from their Amazon store, from which you will have and a 30% OFF with the following coupons:

You can find more info for the Origem HS-3 at the original site and their Facebook page.

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