Review: SHOZY V33 Single Dynamic Driver In-Ear Earphone 3.5mm – If you are searching for the perfection….


SHOZY, is a very well known company between audiolovers. Their R&D team is working constantly from the beginning for perfectioning the acoustic design, circuitry design and material implementations. They have a wide list of very good DAP, earbuds and earphones. Their latest creation are the in-ear Shozy V33 in-ear earphones. The V33 are inspired by analogue audio era, something that you can see even in the design of the package. They are called V33 for the 33 1/3 tour par minutes of vinyl disc, as you can read on the package.

The Shozy v33 earphones came to me with the post from their e-shop, with no problem. On the one side you can see the earphones, above a vinyl and at the other side you can see all the needed specifications of the earphones. The Shozy V33 have a 10mm dynamic driver, with 16Ω impedance, 107dB sensitivity and 20Hz- 20kHz frequency responce. All these specifications you can read thjem at the back of the box.

Opening the box you will find the earphones, 3 pair of eartips and a vinyl like hard paper in the middle of the box. The earphones are in-ear and stay in the ear without falling off. The dynamic driver that the earphones have, is a jointed effort of Shozy and the Chinese top acoustics R&D team. It took 3 years to the Shozy to create these earphones. And I believe that since the mediate frequency is particularly comfortable. The volume of earpiece cavity has been accurately calculated, practiced and trimmed. This fine tuning makes the Shozy vinyl sound natural..

The cable is made of 4n High Purity oxygen-free copper. This makes the cable soft and tough at the same time. It is not easy to entangle, but the tensile strength is satisfactory. Comes with a 3.5mm Gold-Plated TRS Stero Plug. The Shozy v33 is ideal for listening to all kinds of music, specially Rock and heavy metal The low-frequency sense is moderate and also has good depth.

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You can fine the Shozy V33 in-ear earphones at their ehop for 49$ or at Shozy.

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