Review: Tripowin TP10 – Check the latest professional creation of the company in “amateurs” price!


I have reviewed a lot of earphones lately, so is easy for me to understand if a set of earphones is good or not. So when I was send to test the latest creation of Tripowin, a company that is supported from Linsoul, I was curious if and this company keeps the high level I have met till now from their other earphones I have reviewed. Tripowin send me Tripowin TP10, a 5BA balanced armatures in-ear earphone with resin cavity, aluminium alloy faceplate which is very impressive and with a 0.75mm 2-pin cable.

The small box with the Tripowin TP10 that came to me with post, as always, without any problem with customs. Opening the box came across a beautiful box, with the name of the firm on it, Tripowin and with the model on the bottom left side of the box. You can also see a detailed image of the earphones, showing the metallic faceplate that have and with the name of the firm on it. On the other side you can see some specs of the earphones.

Tripowin is a company that was created by pro. A group of experienced sound engineers where gathers and created the company in order to achieve the ultimate sound quality. The earphones that you see is their latest creation that I can see fulfills their goal. The 5BA driver that has on each side, makes the integrity and authenticity of the sound perfect. The cables are in a knitted shaped for bigger durability.

The earphones are created light and durable. The main part of the earphones are created with the use of the 3D printing technology using resin and the shinny faceplate with the name of the firm on it is made from sturdy aluminium. The two elements are combined in a such way to fulfill each other and be pleasant to the eye. The faceplate is made from Zinc alloy with whetstone techniques. It is scratch resistant, non-slip and delicate. The resin cavity is elegant and lightweight.

The earphones are wired. The wire includes a 2-pin 3.5mm gold-plated, that reduces the signal transmission loss. The OFC cable also improves transparency, resolution and sound field too. Sinc is detachable, you can use it as you like, in any other earphone that support the same connection or use other cable from other earphones. Also as you will see and in the video review, the earphones stay on the ear and don’t drop, because of the hard plastic construction that have, which is very helpful.

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As you can see Tripowin TP10 is up to the level that I have met from the products of Linsoul. For once more they sent me their best product. For sure is a pro earphone, but at a “amateurs” price. You can find them at their store at Linsoul. You can also find the Tripowin TP10 and at their Amazon Store!

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