Review! Tronsmart S5 Bluetooth Earphone” is a Superb Complete Wireless With Sharp Sound and IPX 4 Water Resistance


I would like to introduce the latest ” Tronsmart S5 Bluetooth earphone. Tronsmart who has a large selection of smartphones and tablet peripherals, we have offered ” Tronsmart S5 ” From Geekbuying for review. Tronsmart S5 left and right wireless Bluetooth earphone.

The biggest feature of this “Tronsmart S5 Bluetooth earphone” is that it is a cableless complete wireless earphone anyway. There is no cable is more comfortable than expected. Because it has a solid ear hook, there is almost no worry of dropping it if it is used every day. And, important sound quality, you can enjoy the sharp sound and spirited sound that slightly doesn’t. I think that it is most suitable for good music. It is quite a good sound. Besides, we have a waterproof performance of IPX4 and noise canceling, and considering the price which cuts below $35, Tronsmart S5 has a quite high impression.

Features / Specifications

Features and specifications of ” Tronsmart S5 Bluetooth earphone ” are as follows.


【High sound quality & high quality call possible】 Wireless performance is not compromised. Optimized EQ achieves balanced and uniform sound at any volume, and you can experience powerfully clear sound from 2 x 13 mm small audio driver. Furthermore, it corresponds to CVC 6.0 noise cancellation technology, and high-quality hands-free calling is possible in both normal style and sports style.
【Complete Wireless Earphone】 It is a left and right independent wireless earphone. It can also be used as a one-ear Bluetooth earphone, can be a big success during office work and driving. You can use it even if you are far left and right up to 10 meters in an obstacle-free situation.
【Waterproof / Power-Saving Specification】 IPX 4 waterproof standard, it can cope with sweat and sudden rain during exercise. It also supports Bluetooth 4.1, improves data transfer speed and reliability, and has been drastically reduced power consumption.
【Comfortable wearing comfort】 With an ergonomic design, it fits tightly to your ear and prevents falling even if you do intense exercise. In addition, it comes with flexible tip ear tip that applies to various sizes, removable ear hooks can be deformed flexible, fit perfectly to ears of all shapes and sizes, and optimize acoustic performance.


  • Bluetooth: 4.1
    waterproof: IPX 4
    Continuous standby time: Up to about 60 hours
    Maximum communication distance: approx. 20 meters
    Corresponding profile: HSP, HFP, A2DP, AVRCP,
    Reproduction frequency band: 20 Hz – 20 kHz

Unboxing & First Impression

The contents of ” Tronsmart S5 Bluetooth earphone ” are as follows.

  • Bluetooth earphone * 2 (L + R)
    Carrying pouch
    USB charging cable (2 or more types can simultaneously charge L · R)
    Instruction Manual

The box is a type with a magnet on the right side. There is some sense of security as it is in a solid box.When opening the box image pictures and items are included in the package. The item itself is quite small, but the box has a fairly high quality. In addition to the earphone, earpiece of different size, micro USB cable for charging, special pouch and the instruction manual was included. The charging cable was divided into two, and the connector was attached to the place where the ear hook was removed. I am a little worried that the connector part will not be useless if I plug in and out every day.The dedicated pouch is a size that you can carry earphones and a charging cable together. Since the mouth part closes with a hard spring-like force, there is no concern that mouth will open during movement. All the instructions are written in English, but there is no problem as I can understand how to use it somewhat by illustration alone.


This is Tronsmart S5 body. Because it is completely wireless, the size of the main body does not become large, and it is an ordinary size as compared with ordinary wireless earphone (type in which earphones are connected with cable).

There is an ear hook on the side, and it does not hurt even if it is attached with a flexible material for a long time. There is never going out of the ears from the ear even if running a bit because of this.

It is hard to see, but each one has a button on each side. Pairing on/off of the power supply, volume operation by pressing twice, long tap and song feeding/returning can be done.

Tronsmart S5 Bluetooth pairing method Explanation

From here, I will explain the basic usage/operation method of ” Tronsmart S5 Bluetooth earphone ” and the Bluetooth pairing/connection method with iPhone.

Tronsmart S5 Bluetooth Earphone Basic Operation

Turn on the power: Press and hold the multifunction button until the LED lights are blue.
Stereo mode: Since there is no order, turn on the power of the two earphones respectively. If you wait for a while, two earphones will automatically
Mono mode: Turn on the left earphone (L) earphone. Monaural mode is available only for the left (L) earphone. Be careful.
Turn off the power: Press and hold the multifunction button until the LED lamp lights in red. In stereo mode, turn off the left (L) earphone, the right (R) power supply will also be turned off in conjunction.
Pairing mode: From the power off state, first turn on both left and right earphones and pair the left and right earphones. After that, the LED automatically flashes red ⇔ blue alternately and shifts to pairing mode.
Press the volume + multi function button twice. (It can be operated with both left and right multi function buttons)
Song Feed (Skip): While playing a song, hold down the multifunction button for 2 seconds.
Receiving / Disconnecting: a Call Pressing the multifunction button once when the phone hangs can press the multifunction button once during a call or during a call to hang up.
Reject incoming calls: Reject an incoming call by pressing and holding multifunction button for 2 seconds when a call is placed.

In addition, this “Tronsmart S5 Bluetooth earphone” can be used in either stereo or mono. If you want to use mono mode, use the left (L) earphone. Please note that the right (R) is not supported. It will be useful when you are talking while driving.

Explanation on Bluetooth pairing of “Tronsmart S5 Bluetooth earphone” and “iPhone”

I will explain the Bluetooth pairing method of “Tronsmart S5 Bluetooth earphone” and “iPhone”.

First turn on both the left and right “Tronsmart S5 Bluetooth earphone”. Then the left and right earphones are automatically paired.
After a while, the “Tronsmart S5 Bluetooth earphone” automatically shifts to the Bluetooth pairing mode, and the red and blue LEDs light up alternately.
Go to “Settings> Bluetooth” of “iPhone” and confirm that it is “Bluetooth: ON”. Tap this because I think that “Tronsmart Encore S5” is displayed at the bottom.

This completes Bluetooth pairing of “Tronsmart S5 Bluetooth earphone” and “iPhone”. If you want to connect to another device again, for example, if you want to switch to Bluetooth pairing mode again, it is OK if you set “Bluetooth: OFF” of the connected device and repeat the procedure again.

Overview of Tronsmart S5 Bluetooth Earphone

First of all, the biggest feature of this “Tronsmart S5 Bluetooth earphone” is that it is a cableless complete wireless earphone. This is quite useful once you taste it. The cables do not get entangled when stored and easy to install. Also, this “Tronsmart S5 Bluetooth earphone” is good not only stereo but also monaural can be used.

And since it corresponds to the waterproof standard of IPX 4, there is no problem if it is rain somewhat. I also have ear hooks, so I think that it is good for sports applications such as light running.

Next, on the sound quality of the essence. This can enjoy a vibrant and healthy sound. Somewhat dong Shirly sound because of modest balance, but because it is not extreme, I think that any kind of music can be enjoyed.

The treble is out well, and the power of bass is also quite good. Considering the price of less than $35, I think that it is sufficient sound quality personally.

That way, I think that this “Tronsmart S5 Bluetooth earphone”, is pretty good finished with a wonderful earphone. With this price range, it is perfect wireless, waterproof, no-can loading, and sound quality is also good, I feel without saying personally.

Of course, it can not be said that there is no need to find more delicate sound quality, wireless charging or not if you can not say that you have to look for roughness, but if such products are still available at a cheap price, the satisfaction level is high think. Those who are interested, please consider For Buying Tronsmart S5 Bluetooth earphone from GEEKBUYING at $34.99.

That was the review of ” Tronsmart S5 Bluetooth earphone “! Thank you very much, GEEKBUYING for what you offered!

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