Review: Zeblaze Hybrid – A Mechanical SmartWatch with e-ink display and battery for up to 7d/3y now for 29.49$ w/ the coupon from Banggood!


Zeblaze is a company that I know well and I have presented it to you and other times. The last time was about the Zeblaze Thor Pro, a very nice and powerful smartwatch with Android 5.0 and the Zeblaze Zeband Plus, a vey good wearable with a lot of abilities. Today we are going to speak about the Zeblaze Hybrid, a realy very nice smartwatch, which is waterproof for up to 50 meter deep, with mechanical / e-ink display, that can be yours at a very low price with the coupon from Banggood.

Zeblaze Hybrid came from Banggood, with no problem with customs of course! Inside the mail box, I found a square black box. At the top shows a photo of the Zeblaze Hybrid, while at the back you can find some technical features of the smartwatch. You can get it in two colors, black and blue, something that you’ll see on the side. I got it in blue, so to get away from the usual black that all smartwatches are, so and my Xiaomi Amazfit Stratos 2.

Inside the box you will find the watch, the charging cradle, the USB charging cable for the cradle, the straps and a manual in English. Keep in mind, straps are not attached to the watch, so you must attach them! Of course it is not difficult, as you will see in the video presentation below.

The watch can work as a simple watch or as a smart watch. The 95mAh battery, depending on what you are working on, will last for the corresponding period. So as a simple watch, you adjust the time with the button on the side and the battery in this case lasts 3 years! If you work it like a smart watch, the battery lasts about 7 days. After that you will need about 2 hours to fully charge it, and the charging base is very interesting as you will not find any poles on the watch to connect them to the charger to charge it!

The watch has an e-ink screen at the bottom of the dial, where it shows all the information you need. The screen is 0.49″ OLED-type. It has a Nordic 51802 processor while connecting via BT 4.0 to your mobile. It is compatible with both Android and iOS.In order to be able to connect it with your mobile, you must first download the app Comfit. You can find it at Google Playstore or Applestore.The app supports English, and you can even login with your Facebook account. Important, if you have a Xiaomi mobile, you must set the app to work with no power limit, or MIUI will close it!

Zeblaze Hybrid is waterproof up to 50 meters deep! It classically supports everything we find in a smartwatch, such as time, date, steps, calories, distance, coordinates, real-time temperature and weather status, timer, app alerts, SMS and calls, heartbeat. Zeblaze Hybrid can even measure your blood pressure, while supports also finding device, app reminders, remote control of your mobile camera and many more!

The Zeblaze Hybrid strap is made from silicone. It is 205 mm long and 20 mm wide and the straps are detachable. If you want to get other leather straps in other colors, you can find them in Banggood here. I have already ordered two more in black and orange. Also, thew mobile doesn’t show the name of the caller, but shows the name of the sender for the SMS.

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So, you are goinfg to ask me, is everythimg that good with the new Zeblaze Hybrid!? No, unfortunately, it has one – two issues, that can be fixed with a firmware update easily.One problem that I run to was with my Xiaomi 8. Locking my mobile with pattern, I have the option to unlock it with a trustful bluetooth device. Despite the favct the my Mi 8 connects normally at the security option to activate this service at the Hybrid, the smartwatch cannot comfitrm it. Also the problem with the app, that is not mentioned inside the app. On the other hand you get a really nice watch, with a lot of functions and measuring your blood pressure, it’s 5ATM waterproof and if you use the coupon BGGR141, you will get it from Banggood for only 29.49$, a really low price for such a smartwatch! Don’t loose this option, order now!

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