Zeblaze PLUG C – Check out the latest wearable with colourful screen, big battery and better features from Mi Band 2 (w/ real images and video review)!


I’m known as a big Xiaomi fan, so when I write on the title with better features from Xiaomi Mi Band 2, is 1000% true. I spotted on Βanggood, from where I took it in the end and what it attracted my attention was the big colourful screen, the very good and rich specs that has and the big battery. I don’t say that Mi Band 2 is a bad wearable, but why not to get a even better if I can. The price was also then right, as I found it on flash sales, so I got Zeblaze PLUG C cheap from Banggood. Of course I’m also waiting for the Ζeblaze Thor Pro 3G GPS smartwatch which I will also review it and present it to you!

Zeblaze PLUG C came to me fast with the Priority service Banggood has, so not to have and any problem with the customs. 9 days it took and it came to my hands. Inside a protected bag as always, after removing it, I came across a rather small white box. On the top side you could see written the name of the company, Zeblaze, while on the bottom you could see some specs of the wearable Zeblaze Plug C.

Opening the box, all that you will find inside it is the Zeblaze Plug C and a detailed manual in english and other languages.

So the first question that comes up is…where is the charging cable!? Well, Zeblaze Plug C doesn’t need a charging cable! Why is that? Simple, by detaching the one strap form the one side, you will see the charging area that all you have to do is plug-it in a USB slot of your pc and the Zeblaze Plug C will start charging! This is very good, as you don’t have to carry with you any cables to charge it!

Zeblaze Plug C as you can see supports many features, as shown in the picture below.

Zeblaze Plug C has a 0.85 inch screen, with always-on color display (reflective LCD Color screen). The resolution of the screen is 72 x 144 pixel. Below the screen you will find the button that by pressing it you surf around the menu.

Zeblaze Plug C features IP67 certification, which makes it waterproof. And to test it, I took a shower and nothing happened to it!

Το Zeblaze Plug C features many functions. These are Continuous heart rate, All-day activity tracking, Multi-sensors, Mobile alerts, Pedometer, Sleep monitor, Run route tracking, Stopwatch, information/telephone reminder, find mobile phone / Smart bracelet, Shake snapshot. This last function, through the app, you can take a image by shaking your hand!

The app that Zeblaze Plug C needs to cooperate with your mobile is the WearFit2.0. You will find it in Google Playstore.

WearFit2.0 supports many features, but my opinion is that needs some more work to become even better. It can record and show you with details info about you calories, sleep, heart rate, the only thing that I found less was the apps that can alarm me. On the modded Mi Fit that I give has many more features from Wearfit2.0, so used from there I say needs some more work. Of course if you compare it with the original Mi Fit from Playstore, then the app is ok.

One other feature of the Zeblaze Plug C  that I really liked and is the first time I see it in a wearable, is the ability to change dials. The dials can easily be changes from the settings of the wearable, and look as the images below.

One other thing that makes Zeblaze Plug C a very good wearable, is the big battery that has. The 90mAh battery, will give you stand by time of 7 days! You will need to charge it for 1.5 hours, but it also supports quick charge. To be honest with you, I’m playing with it all time and the battery hasn’t changed from yesterday, so 7 days might be little!

Check out now and my video presentation

As you can understand and yourself, Zeblaze Plug C is a really very good wearable, with many features, unique I could say, which will make it a very good buy! You can find it at Banggood for just 69.99$.

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