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Roborock has quite recently presented the new age of the Roborock H7 handheld vacuum cleaner. Indeed, even with last year’s H6 model, Roborock’s aspirations were high. They needed to contend with the market goliath – Dyson. This year, the Chinese producer is much more genuine. It adds more pull power, a bigger soil tank, and a few other imaginative highlights like help for MagBase.


Roborock H7 handheld vacuum cleaner offers 480W and the greatest attractions force of 160 AW. It has a 0.5-liter waste canister and incorporates launderable HEPA channels. The upward vacuum has a load of 1.46 kg, which is very light; thinking about the sort of utilization, that is expected to be made. On account of the different adornments it offers, it is feasible to utilize the Roborock H7 vertical vacuum for any vacuuming need.

Accordingly, it is feasible to vacuum the floor, mats, covers, the corners behind the cupboards, the upholstery of the vehicle, the sleeping pads, draperies, or even the sides of the roof, easily and reasonableness.

Roborock H7 handheld vacuum cleaner

There is an attractive charging base that permits you to charge the vacuum cleaner in 2.5 hours and make the different extras accessible; all in an exceptionally coordinated route and without occupying a ton of room. Charging it is truly simply because of the MagBase, an attractive stockpiling framework that permits you to gather every one of the embellishments immediately, transport them, and store them minimally in the base subsequent to cleaning. It additionally has security systems to keep kids from incidentally turning it on.

Roborock H7 handheld vacuum cleaner


The complete entry of the vacuum cleaner is 1.46 kg; which makes it simple to ship around the house and surprisingly outside it on the off chance that we need to vacuum; for instance, the vehicle. The convenience is entirely agreeable on account of the way that the attractions mode can be actuated; at the dash of a catch, so it doesn’t need to be held down.

Roborock H7 handheld vacuum cleaner

Also, Everything can be found continuously on the OLED screen including the attractions mode. The measure of battery remaining. The flexibility of the vacuum cleaner is all out since it has a multi-surface brush; a mechanized smaller than normal brush ideal for cleaning sleeping cushions and couches, an augmentation tube, an adaptable cylinder. It has a residue brush and an apparatus for little hiding spots. With this, you will disregard utilizing some other vacuum cleaner at home, since the Roborock H7 can deal with a wide range of surfaces.

Roborock H7 handheld vacuum cleaner

The tank of this model is bigger, having a limit of 500 ml. Also, The Two free packs are incorporated for the individuals who need to attempt this component. The cleaning level is absolute with the vacuum cleaner since it has a 5-layer filtration framework and a HEPA channel that catch 99.99% of particles down to 0.3 microns, including dust and parasites. The force of the vacuum cleaner is 480 W, with a pull force of 160 AW, so there won’t be a spot of residue on the floor.


The Roborock H7 handheld vacuum cleaner accordingly offers an ideal client experience and, gratitude for adding new highlights satisfies the desires of shoppers. We can get it from Geekbuying at $369.00. To get the price use the  utilizing coupon code: ROBOROCKH7

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