Roborock S50 Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner| 5 Solid Reasons For You Should Buy| Price Just $499.99 (Coupon Inside)


The Roborock S50 is a 2nd Generation Smart Vacuum Cleaner that features 2 in 1 Sweep and Mop cleaning mode. It has Laser Distance Sensor that scans the room and can intelligently plan a route for efficient cleaning. Xiaomi Mi S50 robot vacuum cleaner 2 has been equipped with the function of sweeping and washing the floor.

1. Design

The Mi S50 Robot Cleaner 2 has wheels designed for 2 cm height, not 1.5 cm as before. The look is designed so that your hair or fur does not get stuck in the main engine. The operation of the device itself is also quieter than in its predecessor.Xiaomi S50 vacuum cleaner 2 is equipped with a pressure sensor located above the LDS sensor. Its role is to detect objects and prevent collisions. The sensor detects and avoids objects that previously stood in his way. He will not get on the cable, nor will he catch the sofa.

2. Build

Thanks to the new system called “plant bionic”, the tank mounted underneath will take as much water as it needs to wash. The tank is tightly fitted, which takes up little space. The vacuum cleaner first sweeps, and then cleans and cleans effectively. The installation and disassembly of the tank are very convenient. Another novelty is lasers for mapping the space of the room. Equipped with high precision LDS sensors, it can scan the area around five times in a second.

3. Battery

The Mi robot Cleaner 2 uses a strong lithium battery with a capacity of 5200mAh. This gives 2.5 hours of work in standard mode with a maximum area of ??250 square meters. When the battery is weak, the machine returns to charging and after recharging it again starts to clean up to finish the infinite area.

4. Features

Xiaomi Mi S50 Robot Vacuum has 12 sensors including a laser sensor to scan the immediate environment 360 ° 1800 times per second. This provides a precise map of the interior of a home. Three processors are dedicated to real-time motion tracking, and a simultaneous locating and mapping algorithm calculates the most efficient path for cleaning. This particular Mi model comes with a barrage of pretty neat features. The bot is fitted with a 360-degree scanner which Mi likes to call the Laser Distance Sensor or LDS.

5. Connectivity

The application Mi Home on smartphone can direct the robot (Wifi or mobile mode) you can track its movements, stop cleaning, change its power, monitor the battery level, receive alerts in case of problems (blocked wheels, stuck robot) or to indicate that he returns to recharge at his dock or that the household is finished. it is really very ergonomic and easy to use. And if you do not prefer to use the application, a simple button on the robot can start the cleaning phase, the robot taking care of everything alone, the only human intervention is to empty the tray containing dust!

Where To Shop

In fact, Xiaom Mi S50 robot Cleaner 2 is so good it deserves a name of its own. If you have about the money to spare, then the Xiaomi Mijia Rockrobo Robot should definitely be on your shopping list this season. Xiaomi Mi S50 robot Cleaner 2 is now available on Gearbest just at $499.99 using Coupon Code: NEWXMVM.


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