ROG Gaming Phone officially Announced Will be released on Dec 4th


ROG Gaming Phone officially announced today that the ROG Gaming Phone’s new product launch conference is scheduled for December 4th, and from the promotional posters, it will also be co-branded with “Ghost Slayer”. Surprise everyone.

With you! Go to the battlefield together. The pursuit of faith is the practice of the soul. With the heart as the driving force, let’s move towards a better tomorrow!

Tencent’s ROG gaming phone 5s series was officially released, upgraded to be equipped with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 888 Plus 5G mobile platform, and all systems are equipped with Samsung AMOLED gaming screens as standard, with 144Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time, Supports 360Hz native touch sampling rate, and passes HDR10+ certification.

According to ASUS’s official introduction, ROG gaming phone 5s has also launched a cross-border limited edition with the current hot-blooded animation “Ghost Slayer”, which will provide benefits to fans of the two-dimensional x mobile game. And this ROG gaming phone 5s “Ghost Slayer” The limited edition of “Blade” will be officially launched on December 4.

This time, ROG and “Blade of Demon Slayer” are deeply co-branded and customized. It is built with the character in the play, Nidouzi, the kitchen door. The animation style of Nidouzi is integrated, and animation elements are integrated from the inside to the outside, bringing players side by side. The sense of breaking through the battle.

In the packaging design of the machine, ROG combines its classic black style with Mi Douzi and wind pink tones, and is painted with Mi Douzi and the LOGO of Demon Slayer Blade, which echo the light and shade, which has a great visual impact. After opening the package, the poster of the protagonist’s four-person team appeared, and the green bamboo tube was cleverly hidden in the design, allowing players to better immerse themselves in the element of ghost extinction.

Not only that, ROG also focuses on the appearance design of the mobile phone itself. The joint customized version of the back cover adopts multi-channel nano-level metallic ink printing technology to accurately engrave the digital totem of Nidouzi, which opens the fetters of faith and love.

The glass etching process is inspired by the hemp leaf pattern and uses the glass etching process to present a unique touch and light perception. In addition, ROG even injects ghost elements into the phone. The Nidouzi desktop, ghost customized themes, and exclusive App icons are all created exclusively for fans.

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